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How Dating Apps Consume Your Time and Provide No Benefits

Nobody likes to have their time wasted. It’s quite disheartening to put in so much effort into something that brings in little or no results in the end. Do you want to avoid this? First rule: Run from online dating apps.

Dating apps and websites provide more harm than good. There are a host of harmful consequences that arise from spending hours on a dating website daily. However, today is to show you how dating apps waste your time in the long and short run. Stay tuned!

Just for Fun and An Ego Boost

If you have any experience in dating online, you’ll know for a fact that many ladies are on dating apps to get validation from men who just want to get laid. A large percentage of those who use dating apps are just there to have fun and your messages might get ignored over and over again. It’s definitely not a good idea if you’re looking for something serious.

Constantly Optimising Your Dating Profile

Another time-wasting quality that dating apps possess stems from the fact that you have to constantly update your profile. Online dating needs updating almost every time, and you have to consistently make sure that you’re in line with the current online dating trends. If you want to get any action at all, you need to study the market. It’s just like forex trading. Only that the odds are not in your favour in any way.

Messages & Responses Lead to Nowhere

Have you ever been ghosted on? It’s worse on dating apps. You finally find this person that might just be the answer to all your dating needs. You send them a message, and you two hit it off right from the start. But, a few days later, they stop replying to your messages. Worse, they respond in monosyllabic phrases. The cycle continues. Over and over again. Mindless messages that lead to an absolute dead end.

People are There for The Wrong Reasons

Everyone loves a free meal. It’s a plus if its somewhere classy. A good number of people on dating websites are there for all the wrong reasons. For some, they just want to have a feel of what online dating is like, but they have no intention of hanging out with you. For some, it’s a dare, or they need validation. For some others, they just want a free meal. Nothing more. Nothing could be more time-wasting.

What are The Solutions to Dating Online?

Online dating does not have to be a completely terrible experience. If you had a more efficient way to get a good outcome within the shortest possible time, you’d grab the opportunity with both hands. What if you could do this and even more without having to leave home?

The way forward is Virtual Speed Dating. Cut to the chase. Avoid those time-wasting elements that leave you high and dry 99% of the time. Virtual Speed Dating offers the most efficient way for you to easily form a connection face to face online in so little time. What are you waiting for? Give it a go.



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