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How Dating Apps Affects Your Mentality & Induce Negative Behaviours

A large percentage of internet users are signed up to one dating app or the other. Many people have opted for the “easy” way to create relationships, a way that doesn’t need them to leave the comfort of their homes in the initial stages. However, despite the seeming benefits that online dating sites provide, there is more than meets the eye.

Did you know that long term use of dating apps can mess up your thinking? You don’t believe me, do you? Recent research has shown that continued usage of online dating apps and websites have a lasting impact on our thinking and mentality. By lasting impact, we mean something really wrong will happen to your mental state if you keep using dating apps. You probably don’t know about these negative impacts, so let’s look at some below.

Giving Up Too Easily

If you have been using dating apps for a long time, you might have noticed that you’ve begun to find things more difficult than normal. When faced with these “difficult” situations, your default reaction is to give up. It could be something as inconsequential as not doing your chores, to something as important as slacking off at work.

The worst of it occurs when you begin to ignore your relationships with people in the real world. Regardless of the bad talk around dating apps, more people sign up every day. On these apps, there is always someone to move on to if a potential match doesn’t go well.

Dating apps give you a false sense of superiority that presents you as a god in your own world. Sure, you’re awesome and amazing, but real relationships with real people matter! Don’t lose them!

Unable to Build a Connection

If you use a dating app for a long time, the way you connect with others can be affected. On dating apps, there is always a better option. More so, the process of having a date isn’t as difficult as it is when trying to build a real connection. Building connections with people takes time, and long term use of dating apps hinder this since you can always move on to someone new.

Treating Everyone as an Object

When you’ve had a series of dates with people you meet on dating apps, you are sucked into an atmosphere where you feel it’s okay to pursue selfish interests rather than long-standing commitments. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Tinder just for the sex, and not everyone is nasty, that’s for sure. But, when you begin to downplay a date or sexcapade as the new normal or think that a date can be easily discarded, something is wrong somewhere.

What are The Alternatives

If you want to mitigate these negative effects, the default option would be to totally avoid dating online. However, there’s a better alternative. If you want a way to date better online, while still taking care of your mental health, you need Virtual Speed Dating. Speed Dating offers you an efficient and healthy way to meet different people at the same time, and you decide whom you want to go out with. Sounds like fun, right? Even better, Virtual Speed Dating allows you to do this within the comfort of your home. If you are tired of dating apps, you are ready for Virtual Speed Dating. Give it a go!


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