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About Us
Delivering You a New and Effective Ways of Meeting and Interacting with People in a Social Scene
Get Social With Organised Events
Social Mingles Is A Place For You To Boost Your Social Life And Make The Most Out Of Your Friendship and RELATIONSHIPS

Social Mingles holds social events that get people out of their houses and into the community. We want to match people with suitable partners. We love to see love blossom and we go to every effort to make it happen. Our events are never boring, and we take pride in delivering solutions that are fun, easy and well worth the time and effort that our singles make to attend.

…Great things never come from comfort zones.

Character Building And Lifestyle

We are here to educate you about meeting new people, setting up your perfect social life, and improving your own character so that you become the perfect catch. We want to inspire you to meet new people, but also to be the best person you can be yourself. If you are ready for a lifestyle change so that you are fun, healthy and active, our blog has all of the hints and tips that you need.

Life Balance For Healthy Relationships

We believe life should have balance of positive relationships, great health and wealth. This is why Social Mingles integrates all aspects of a fulfilled lifestyle. We believe that all areas of life connect together and support each other. It is not always about dating. It is about you leading the best and happiest life you possibly can.

  • Learn about dating and the courtship between men and women
  • Make new friends and expand your social circle of friends
  • Learn about fostering relationships that lasts
  • Understand your body, mind and spirit
  • Gain a healthier and more positive you
  • Boost your fashion knowledge and present yourself with style
  • Invest in yourself with professional and self-development
  • Build your character and confidence to attract your ideal partner
  • Become the person you always wanted
  • Eliminate fear and be more of yourself when difficult situation arises

Social Events

Enjoy The Experience Of Dating Without Too Much Pressure
Jetboat Extreme
Treetop Challenge
Escape Room Game
Holey Moley Golf

The Dating Scene is Evolving, Let’s Get You Back on Track & Stay Ahead of Your Competition & Find a Suitable Mate That Deserves You

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There Is No Longer A Need To Be Fearful Of Relationship Or Dating



We want to provide you with fun and interactive events to boost your social life.


We want to give you confidence to be the best person you possibly can be.


We want you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


And we want you to find your ideal partner with confidence and ease.


Why singles are losing confidence with online dating? Apart from not receiving any responses, statistics shows men lie most about age, height and income (social status) while women lie about weight, physical build and age. If you are starting to lose confidence in online dating or dating apps, it is time to go offline. With singles events, you are given an opportunity to organically meet likeminded singles who you may never spoken to otherwise. They want one thing that you want, to build a honest connection that lasts with no judgement of an online dating profile.

People who met their partners offline had better connection and got married
Dating app users suffers confidence and self esteem issues due to constant ghosting
Online daters are cautious to trust people they meet online, they fear of the false details
De facto relationships and married people who are using dating apps

Online dating is the common way to find love, and we understand how difficult it can be. There is however, another way to find people whom you want to connect with, and hopefully develop a romantic relationship with. We know that a comfortable environment is essential for potential couples to talk and mingle with confidence. This is why we have created social dating events that make singles feel at ease, so that they can meet the right people for them.


Social Mingles is ready to take you to the next era of singles events. With Social Mingles, we have events to cater for all your needs, to help you meet that special someone. Our events are designed to push the interaction along when and where it is needed. We have experience in dating that has helped us refine our methods at Social Mingles. We have developed a smart and interactive way to meet potential partners and or make new friends. Our service ensures that you have the best possible experience and that you find the greatest value from our events.


If you join our singles groups and events, you will be meeting new people who are suited to you, and who want exactly the same thing that you do – a great relationship with the right person. Our events are designed to please, and to make the process of meeting someone as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We want you to leave with a smile on your face, and a list of potential partners that are highly suitable for you.



If you are looking for a new romantic relationship, new friends, or even find your way through life, Social Mingles can be your buddy. We want to support you through your goals, offer you great advice, and allow you to be a confident, positive and happy person throughout all of your ventures. Dare to make a difference through Social Mingles. Boost your education, take chances and step outside of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a change in your life, then today is the day to make it happen.

Attract And Connect With Likedminded Singles Who You May Not Have Spoken To Otherwise