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Hidden Facts About Dating Apps: Lies Singles Tell

Nowadays, the average human being seeks validation through internet interaction and impressions. There are so many ways to make your digital footprint attractive, and online dating sites are not an exception. Superficially, this is not a bad thing. But, since the competition is massive, most profiles have a teensy weensy white lie on their online dating profiles.

It could be anything from a slight change in location to something about their job. Whatever it is, it gives you a false sense as to who they truly are. Many times after the lie is discovered, the relationship ends badly. Let’s take a look at common lies singles tell on dating apps, shall we?

Age & Height

This has to be the most commonly told lie on dating websites. Studies show that more than 80% of profiles on dating sites lie about their age, height, or weight. Of course, people do this every day, even in their everyday lives, but some lies are over the top.

Imagine that you have a date with a man who you think is 6ft tall. When you meet up, you realize that he’s just a 5’8” at best. That’s not all, what if you think you’re out to meet a sexy, curvy 30-year-old, but find out that she’s actually 37? Fact is, online dating profiles are packed with fake lives at best. Not a good idea if you want a genuine relationship.

Income & Social Status

Dating apps are filled to the brim with many fraudsters. Many of them want a free dinner, or worse, want to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. “Businessman.” “Model and actress.” These titles and so many more are the tell-tale signs of fraud.

Whether you live in a shack in the slums or have no job at the moment, you should own it with pride! That’s who you are, and it shows that you’re working hard enough to get out of your less than pleasant situation. But, we all want to look cool, don’t we? There’s no way to verify that you actually work in a fictional company you have created for yourself. Dating apps are dangerous. Avoid them!

Relationship Status

This is another pressing concern. You would assume that those who use online dating sites and apps are all singles looking to mingle. Sadly, this is not the case. There are a lot of time-wasters on dating sites. Some are even married! These people just want to have fun with unsuspecting folks on dating apps, and there is no potential for a physical meeting, not to mention a hookup.


This lie is particularly constant with those who lie about their age. Many times, online dating profiles sport pictures taken years ago. You’ll never find a single full-body picture of them, just headshots. These people are very insecure about their looks, and you will probably not realize this until it is too late. Don’t be a victim. Date smart!

How to Avoid Lies & Still Date Online

The big question is, “How do I avoid being lied to when I date online?” “Do I need to avoid online dating?” The answer is no. You can still have a lasting relationship online when you make the right dating choices. One of these choices is Virtual Speed Dating. This platform gives you the best opportunity to make lasting relationships online. With face to face interaction, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to detect lies if there are any at all! Make the smart choice. Register for your FREE virtual speed dating and meet your potential partners face to face live online without judgement of a dating profile. Spots are limited each month, book your Virtual Speed Dating today!

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