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15 Best First Date Ideas In Sydney

It’s often nerve-racking trying to plan your first date. Sure, wine and dine or Netflix and chill are great ideas and the punchline to many dating memes, but they’re also very common and overdone. Stand out from the crowd with these 15 Best First Date Ideas in Sydney.

Finding a date idea that’s unique and suited for your dating needs and budget can be challenging, below are 15 unique and fun ideas that work with a range of locations, activities and price ranges to create a first date that will be truly unforgettable!

Singles on their first date in Brisbane


1) Walk around Chinese Garden of Friendship

Sometimes less is more, especially for a first date, where (depending on the person you’re courting) you sometimes don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard. A casual walk and talk, especially at a beautiful location, can be the perfect way to break the ice! 

In other eras, taking a walk around the garden was considered a romantic way to court someone, and this is the modern version of that. The date idea of “taking a walk” and getting to know each other while seeing the beautiful sights of the Chinese Garden of Friendship – such an elegant and beautiful location – will be a great way to get conversation flowing. Keep things rolling by discussing the beautiful and artful sights, along with the lizards and fish in the pond, which can be a good way to lighten the mood.

Pros and cons: It does cost a little bit for entry, but considering the beautiful location and the price point, it’s typically more affordable than going out for dinner.

This date idea is ideal for the “minimalist date,” someone shy yet outdoorsy, and also those who love culture/history, nature, and animals.

2) Walk & Picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Elegant, cost effective and classy!

Take a walk through the lovely Botanical Gardens – drinking in the various plants and foliage before setting up a picnic on the grass, overlooking the opera house and harbour. It’s such a beautiful location, where you can sit in peaceful tranquility with your date and watch the scenery. Be sure to take a picnic blanket and use something heavy to keep it anchored down as this location (near the sea) can get quite windy.

Pro: food from the picnic aside, this location is free!

Con: you need to carry around a picnic blanket. Also, you can score some extra points with your date by preparing their favourite foods.

This date idea is perfect for nature lovers, outdoorsy types, and tourists.

3) Hike at Wentworth Falls

This location is iconic for a reason! With numerous lookout points and the majestic blue mountains to stare at – this location is perfect for some active romance. Enjoy the fresh air while hiking with your date along the trails, where you can find many native plants, reptiles and animals (possibly taking part in some bird watching – you could make a fun little game where the first one to see a certain kind of bird wins something special, e.g., you could ask for a second date or they could shout coffee afterwards). You can also go swimming underneath the waterfall, which can make for a romantic and playful time.

Pro: it’s free.

Con: if you’re wanting to see the biggest waterfall and do the entire trail, it can be quite exhausting – the trail is deceptively steep.

This date idea is ideal for adventurers, woodsy or outdoorsy types, and nature lovers.

Just make sure your date knows how to swim before making any plans!

This date idea is perfect for water signs, anyone who loves swimming/the ocean, and animals.

4) Check out the Museum of Contemporary Art

This date is classy and educational, which may sound like a bore, but it can start the first impression right – by making you look sophisticated, artistic and educated. There’s also a cafĂ© on location, meaning you can stop with your date to have a chat and a coffee. Just be sure to check out the website prior to your date to plan your visit, as they sometimes have special events on, and also it can be helpful downloading the map from the website if you haven’t been there before.

Pro: it’s free entry.

Con: you might need to brush up on your art-knowledge prior to visiting, otherwise you may not have much to talk about.

This date is best suited for artsy types, history buffs, and knowledge seekers.

5) Timezone Arcade Date (various locations)

Maybe it seems childish, but sometimes the best way to break the ice is by getting in touch with your inner child and engaging in some playfulness. Take your date to Timezone to play air hockey, basketball, or verse on one of the many combat games. This can be a really creative and fun way to ease into flirting. E.g., helping your date aim to shoot on a zombie game.

Pro: can win your date a prize, which can get major brownie points.

Con: lots of kids and can be costly.

This date is good for playful types, extroverts, competitive star signs (such as aries or leo), or gamers.

6) Have a Blast at Luna Park

There’s so many romance movies and romantic moments on TV shows where the couple go on a ferris wheel together (think The Notebook, one of the most famous romantic movies of all time). At Luna Park, you can go on a ferris wheel that goes 40 metres in the air, giving you and your date the perfect view of the opera house, harbour bridge and harbour – providing the ultimate romantic setting. Along with this, you’ll be able to get your heart pumping on dozens of rides – screaming, laughing and creating precious memories together.

Pro: you can win your date a prize (something to remember you by).

Con: Crowds – may be hard to hear, and it can be a costly date.

This date is perfect for adrenaline junkies, extroverts, and theme-park lovers.

7) Visit Sydney Zoo

If you’re keen on the ferris wheel idea (listed above) but not so keen on going to Luna Park, don’t worry, we have a good alternative for you! At Sydney Zoo, you’re able to go on a ferris wheel for only $8 overlooking the park and the animals. It’s right near the baboon cage, giving your date and you something fun/funny to look at (and possibly laugh about) as you enjoy the ride.

Pro: show your date your softer side by seeing animals together.

Con: it can be a busy location, making it hard to talk or have privacy, and have a lot of kids on the weekend (or during school holidays).

8) Visit Raging Waters

Sometimes the best way to break the tension of first date jitters is to do something active together. This way it lowers the risk of awkward silences or pauses because you’re doing something. At Raging Waters you can go down the slides and laugh together. It might be a slightly costly day, but there’s dining on location meaning you can also sit down, eat and have a chat together. Just make sure your date brings their swimmers!


Pro: quick way to get comfortable with each other.

Con: can be busy, loud and have lines.

This date idea is best for adrenaline seekers, water lovers, and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

9) Go Ice Skating at Macquarie Ice Rink

There’s numerous romance films and TV shows that highlight ice skating – this is because it’s such a beautiful and elegant sport. It can be such a fun and romantic experience, gliding (or falling) on the ice with your first date. You can also hold hands as you ice skate. A lot of people shy away from stuff like this because they haven’t done it before. Don’t stress too much about whether you’re good at ice skating. The point isn’t to be good, it’s to have fun, and sometimes the best way to have fun is by falling on your backside and having a chuckle with your date.

Alternatively, you can go to Friday Night Disco or ice hockey at this location.

Pro: it’s a unique date idea where you can make special memories.

Con: you or your date may fall over and get hurt.

A perfect date for activity lovers, romantics, and playful types.

10) Dinner and a Show at Blacktown Drive In

Classic and ageless. Dinner and a show has always been the highlight of romance over the ages. At Blacktown Drive in you can do both – travel back in time by eating at the 1950s themed diner and then watching a movie together in the car. If you have (or rent) a car that has a big boot, you can make a cosy little space in the back with blankets and snuggle. Just don’t forget to take extra snacks and check the weather reports to ensure it’s not going to rain!

Pro: they play old timey music in the diner and it has a lovely feel there.

Con: sometimes getting a good parking spot can be rough and it’s hard to see the screen. Best to get there early.

Note for ticket purchase: it’s Event cinema.

This date idea is best for movie goers, introverts, and food lovers.

11) Mini Golf at Darlinghurst Holy Moly

This cute little date can be a fun and exciting way to get to know each other. Whether you and your date have experience or not, you could add in some cute games to get to know each other, such as, “if I get this shot in, you have to answer a question honestly,” and then ask the question if/when you do and vice versa.

Pro: good way to make conversation.

Con: can be frustrating – especially if one person is losing a lot.

This date is best for extroverts, competitive types, and golf enthusiasts.

12) Relax at Bondi Beach

Maybe this date doesn’t seem too lavish, but this beautiful and low maintenance location can be perfect for a casual first date – especially if you don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard. Lay on the sand, drink in the sun, get some ice cream at a nearby store–or classic fish and chips, and go for a swim. You can watch the sunset together, or if you go late enough, even gaze at the stars.

Pro: it’s free!

Con: lots of people. Also, you could get sunburnt.

This date is ideal for laid back people, outdoorsy types, and/or beach bodies.

13) Grab a Coffee at Catmosphere Café

Have a quiet little coffee date at Catmosphere cat café. It’s perfect for a casual meet and greet type date. The cats will offer something to focus on and talk about, easing the tension, and creating opportunity for conversation while you get to know each other. Just make sure your date isn’t allergic to cats first!

Pro: it has cats.

Con: there’s none, it has cats.

This date idea is best for cat lovers, animal lovers, coffee enthusiasts and introverts.

14) Shoot a Gun at Sydney International Shooting Centre

Shoot your shot by taking your date to fire a gun. 

Maybe this seems like a strange first date, and I suppose it is, but how many Austrailan’s have shot a gun? Not many. And it’s definitely rare to do something like this on a first date – meaning that you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Pro: looks badass (especially if you’re a good shot), works in various weather, and is very different from the norm.

Con: costs around $100 per person.

Perfect for people who like to try new things, extroverts, and fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).

15) Helicopter ride around Sydney Harbour

Sometimes you meet that person who you want to land more than anything. For $220 per person, you can take a 20 minute helicopter ride around the harbour. Perhaps it’s pricey, but if you take into account the pricing for a first date at a fancy restaurant, it’s not that much of a difference and it’s surely a date idea that will sweep them off their feet.

Pro: it’s a first date they’ll never forget.

Con: it’s costly.

This date idea is best for people who aren’t afraid of heights.