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15 Best First Date Ideas In Melbourne

Melbourne city is known for many things - voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, it’s known as a great place for shopping and fashion, beautiful street art, and sports, but it can also be a fantastic destination to create the perfect first date.

Planning your first date can be a challenge – what do you wear? What do you talk about? Believe it or not, but having a date plan can help with that – if you know where you’re going, it can be easier to plan the perfect outfit and have topics to discuss. 

These date ideas can help take at least one stress from your plate and that’s finding a unique and romantic setting (at all price ranges) to make you stand out from the crowd!

Ease those first date jitters by planning the perfect date.

Singles on their first date in Brisbane


1) Watch a movie at Lido Rooftop Cinema

Netflix and chill with a romantic twist!

This is quite possibly the perfect romantic setting for a first date. It’s low maintenance, comfortable and cozy. The location is pretty, offering a nice view of the stars as it’s set on top of a building, with a huge screen and projector, giving both you and your date a good view while you watch the movie. 

Lido offers a wide range of movies, has food and drinks available on location, and has parking information (and more) on their website.

Tickets are $23.00 each for an adult.

Pros: it’s thoughtful, casual, and not too expensive.

Cons: could get cold or rain – make sure to check the weather reports beforehand!

This date idea is ideal for introverts and movie goers.

2) Take a romantic stroll around The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Cranbourne Gardens)

Elegant and beautiful –  Melbourne Botanic Gardens is said to be one of the most gorgeous botanic gardens in all of Australia. Get to know your date while walking around and looking at the plants and flowers. It’s a good way to keep the conversation flowing when you both are around good scenery. Stuck for something to talk about? Make a reference to a flower – you could even create some witty line about how the flower is nearly as beautiful as they are. Bonus points if you know the name of the flower because, if the date goes well, you could always send them a bouquet! 

Pro: it’s free.

Con: lots of walking can be tiring, also you need to make sure the weather will be nice.

This date idea is perfect for nature lovers, plant collectors, and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

3) Picnic at The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Melbourne Gardens)

The Royal Botanic Gardens has not one but TWO gorgeous locations – this one they say is great for “forest therapy.” It’s also said to be a great picnic location. Sit by the lake, watch the sun set, and eat some yummy food together. Extra points if you prepare your date’s favourite meal!

If you’re wanting to go here, but not keen on the picnic idea, there is also a café on location called Boon Wurrung Café – just make sure to check the closing times for the day you plan to go, as the café does close earlier than the location.

Pro: it’s free and closes late (7:30pm).

Con: there can be quite a bit of walking and nice weather is required as it’s outdoors (aside from the café).

This date idea is perfect for nature lovers, plant collectors, and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

4) Check out the National Gallery of Victoria

This location is one of the most iconic in Victoria – showcasing beautiful art and exhibits. This date incorporates the ageless way of courting, which is “take a walk and talk and get to know each other,” but it also gives a creative environment with topics to discuss – comment on the art, strike up an intellectual debate. This can be a useful tool in showing your intelligence–especially if you know some facts about the gallery prior. Educational and fun. 

There’s always new events and exhibits, so make sure you plan your trip prior by checking out the website (below), just in case there’s something interesting on. There’s nothing worse than going somewhere only to realise you missed out on something…. You can also dine afterward at the Garden Restaurant, Gallery Kitchen, or the Tea Room.

Pro: it’s free, unless you want to see a special exhibit, or get some food/drinks.

Con: it can be dull if you don’t know much about art or you/your date aren’t interested in art, so make sure you check prior about their interests!

This date is best suited for introverts, art lovers, sapiosexuals and tourists.

5) Go Bowling at Kingpin

Maybe it seems boring, but there’s something classic about bowling – helping your date make their move, celebrating a strike, and bonding over actively playing a game together – it’s iconic. Through the decades, bowling used to be a top choice for dates because it not only gives you and your date something to do and talk about, but also, it can show you both how you work together as a team. Don’t strike out! By taking your date here, you can learn a lot about each other….

Pro: if you get bored/tired of bowling, or even want to hang out afterward, there is lots to do in this location. You can have dinner, go to the arcade, or even play laser tag.

Con: it could be expensive – especially if you do more than bowl, but the website does have promotions/deals, so be sure to check that prior.

This date is ideal for competitive types, active people, and gamers.

6) Test your minds with an Escape Room

Why watch a movie, when you can live inside one? This date idea is fun and creative, allowing you and your date to have an interactive roleplay/bonding experience as you figure out clues to the escape room and (hopefully) get out together.

Pro: it’s certainly going to be unlike any other date they’ve had!

Con: if you can’t figure out the puzzles, you’ll be stuck in a room together, both (likely) feeling pretty silly – but maybe that will be the bonding experience?

This date is perfect for brainy types, competitive star signs (leos, aries, and scorpio), and people wanting to try something new.

7) Go salsa dancing at Melbourne Salsa

There is a reason why so many romantic movies are about dancing…. Take Dirty Dancing for example–an all time classic! There’s something so incredibly enticing about moving your body with someone and getting to know their rhythm…getting hot and sweaty together. 

Whether you already know it, or go to a beginners class together, this can be a fun way to get to know each other. If you aren’t a good dancer, don’t worry, some of the best romance dance movies started that way – with the two goofing around and laughing together. It’s about the experience, not about going pro.

Ticket prices start at around $20 for a beginner class.

Pro: get close and personal with your date.

Con: can be tiring….

Bonus, it’s free!

This date is best suited for romance lovers, dance lovers, and active people.

8) Eat some yummy Italian food at Tipo 00

Sometimes classic wine and dine works best. It’s elegant, it’s classy…. Tipo 00 is said to have some of the best Italian food in Melbourne – with over 2k reviews, this place is guaranteed to be delicious and tickle your tastebuds!

Pro: it’s simple and ‘to the point.’

Con: it can be costly if you aren’t splitting the bill.

This date idea is best for foodies.

9) Visit ChinaTown in Melbourne

Food, drinks and entertainment – there’s always fun to be had at Chinatown.

Go enjoy the delicious Chinese food, walk around – take in the sights (perhaps visit the Museum of Chinese Australian history) and get to know each other in a themed and fun environment. Also, if the date goes very well, there’s lots of accommodation nearby!

Pro: it has the classic vibe of wine and dining, but is more hip.

Con: might involve a lot of walking.

A perfect date for culture lovers & foodies.

10) Have a cute ice cream date at Pidapipó

Classic and adorable. There’s something so innocent about getting ice cream together – skipping dinner and going straight to dessert. Simple and elegant, this date idea is perfect for a quicker styled date, where you go, sit down, enjoy some sugary goodness together, talk a bit, and then you have the option to extend or not.

Pro: short, sweet, and delicious!

Con: perhaps check if your date is lactose intolerant prior.

This date idea is best for foodies.

11) Gaze over the city at Melbourne Skydeck

Feel like you’re on top of the world with your date by visiting Melbourne Skydeck together. Skydeck is the place for romance, with packages like Cocktails in the Clouds ($88) and Sky High Romance ($179). There’s also a lot more memorable experiences to be had at this location, like Bar 88, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Pro: beautiful and romantic setting.

Con: not good if your date is scared of heights – can be costly depending on what you want to do.

This date is best for explorers, sightseers, and city lovers.

12) Relax at Peninsula Hot Springs

With the stresses of work and the everyday, why not make your date a “treat yourself” moment with a spa treatment? There’s numerous packages to maximize the relaxation – it’s a good way to unwind and get to know your date. They also have “glamping” (glamorized camping experiences) and dining.

Pro: it’s a two in one, even if you decide you don’t want to pursue your date, you’re relaxed and ready to take on the world!

Con: it’s a little pricey, depending on the service you’re after.

This date is ideal for anyone working high pressure jobs, students, and anyone in desperate need for a massage.

13) Go to Luna Park Melbourne

There’s something special about going to a carnival together on a date – playing the carnival games, going on rides together, and hearing your date scream in excitement. Bonus points if you can win them a prize or get photobooth pictures together.

Pro: lots of fun memories to be had, excellent ice breaker!

Con: can be expensive and tiring.

This date idea is best for adrenaline junkies, people who love heights, competitive types, and those who generally enjoy carnivals.

14) Play Mini Golf at Holey Moley

There’s something so wholesome about playing a game of golf with your date. Whether you’ve played before or it’s your first time, it certainly makes for a cute date. Also, Holey Moley has amazing food & a bar, so you can have some drinks to ease the nerves and play. For extra fun, try and add in a questions game, as in, if you make the shot they have to answer a question honestly and vice versa. It’s a creative way to break the ice and get to know your date more intimately.

Pro: something active, making conversation easier (you can talk about the shots).

Con: if someone is losing terribly, it can get boring.

Perfect for competitive sporty types.

15) Rock climbing experience at Hardrock Climbing

Sometimes the best way to break the ice on a first date and stand out from the crowd is to go to the extreme. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good climber, or experienced, it’s about creating memories with your date. You can climb together, encourage each other, and laugh and joke. It can also be a good trust building exercise.

Pro: it’s different and quirky.

Con: if your date is afraid of heights, they will not enjoy it.

This date idea is best for active/sporty types, who love a challenge.