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15 Best First Date Ideas In Adelaide

Adelaide is a beautiful city - it’s known for its amazing sporting events, awesome festivals, and epic food and wine. It’s also the only capital that wasn’t settled by convicts, making it a truly unique location within Australia. However, even with all that, it can still be challenging knowing where to take your first date. But don’t worry, we have you covered!

It’s always difficult planning the perfect first date, especially if you want to be creative. Ranging in price and location – for various kinds of people and weather, we have a date idea that’s best for you – to sweep your date off their feet and show them a time they’ll never forget! Whether your date is an introvert or extrovert, active or laid back, we have found 15 of the best first date ideas in Adelaide.

Singles on their first date in Brisbane


1) Watch the sunset at Semaphore Beach

Simple yet effective! Why do all the work, when you can let mother nature do the work for you? There’s something so classically elegant about taking a walk with your date along the beach and then sitting down to watch the sunset together. This is a low maintenance, casual kind of date, where it’ll be obvious you’re not trying too hard.

Pro: you can stargaze after the sun sets, especially if you take a blanket or have some kind of picnic set up.

Con: it may be windy or get cold, depending on the time of the year, so be sure to check those weather reports!

This is the ideal date for someone who is very laid back, or loves the outdoors, water, and nature.

2) Dinner date at the beautiful Botanic Gardens of South Australia

This location has so much to offer – with its beautiful and romantic scenery and active wildlife to give you and your date a range of topics to discuss. This location also has a rich history to admire and talk about, gorgeous architecture and a relaxing and healing environment…. 

Whether you decide to grab food at the location, eating at the amazing Restaurant Botanic (be sure to make reservations prior), grab a snack at Café Fibonacci

or The Gardens Kiosk (be warned they close at 4pm, so it may need to be a lunch date or an early dinner), or have a romantic picnic on the grass – it’s ensured to be the ideal location for a special evening.

Also, there’s often a range of events, so make sure you plan your trip prior to ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

Pro: it’s free entry, meaning that you only need to pay for dinner (or any event you choose to attend). If you’re on a budget, you could just go for a walk instead and enjoy the view!

Con: sometimes these locations/plants can set off allergies, such as hay fever, so maybe ensure your date enjoys plants/nature prior. Also ensure they don’t mind walking as the location is spread over 50 hectares!

This date idea is best suited for nature & wildlife lovers, laid back “earthy” kind of people, or earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

3) Picnic at Morialta Conservation Park

Keeping up the picnic vibe, since this can be such an adorable and casually romantic date idea, Morialta Conservation Park is such a beautiful location – relaxing and green, it’s the perfect healing and therapeutic environment for both you and your date to sit back and relax. Bonus points if you remember to take their favourite food and snacks.

Pro: you can go on a stroll together and see the waterfall.

Con: you could be dealing with ants/bugs – so make sure to cover your food!

This date idea is best for nature lovers and earthy types.

4) Gelato date at Bottega Gelateria

Simple yet delicious!

This is such a cute date idea, getting ice cream (or in this case gelato) together and just sitting back with your date and enjoying your food and chatting.

Also, ice cream is a more low maintenance food, so you don’t need to worry about having some on your face as much as you would other solid food. And even if you do, ice cream is cute and tasty, so it could end up being a playful moment.

Pro: there’s lots to do nearby if the date goes well, you can take a walk around.

Con: your date might be lactose intolerant.

This date is best suited for foodies or Taurus star signs.

5) Go on a spooky ghost tour together at Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Although this is a little different from the norm, you’d be surprised how many people are into horror and paranormal activity. Planning a date like this can show how different and quirky you are, getting their attention. I mean, most people have gone on a first date at the movies or out to dinner, but how many can say they went to a ghost tour?

This is a good way to have your date jumping into your arms!

Pro: you can laugh and console your date (if they’re scared).

Con: you might get scared instead…. But still it makes for a funny experience!

This date is ideal for horror lovers and those who believe in ghosts.

6) Test your skills with an escape room at Escape Hunt

Also a little different from the norm, but that’s why stuff like this is good. It makes you stand out from the crowd!

Escape rooms are becoming more popular these days. It can be a fun and interactive experience, testing how both you and your date would do working together in a dangerous heart pumping situation.

Pro: you can laugh and bond as you work through the puzzles.

Con: you could end up stuck in the room with your date for a while, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

This date is perfect for brainy types or those who enjoy puzzles.

7) Go to the South Australian Museum

Rich with history and knowledge, there is so much to discover and discuss at the South Australian Museum. With five levels to explore, and food and drink available on location (at Terrace Eatery and Coffee Caravan), this can be such an inventive first date idea.

Also, as you explore the museum, it will give you something to discuss so there won’t be as much pressure for you to think about what to talk about on your own.

Pro: it’s free entry.

Con: it can be a lot of walking….

This date is best for knowledge seekers, history buffs, and culture lovers.

8) High Tea at The Queen of Adelaide

There is something so beautifully elegant about a high tea. It’s classy, yet simple, and timeless. At The Queen of Adelaide, you and your date can enjoy a lovely cup of tea while you get to know each other, nibbling on tea cakes and other delicate desserts.

Warning: you do need to book in advance!

Pro: it’s delicious! It also makes you look classy and sophisticated.

Con: the location can be quite busy.

This date idea is best for tea lovers, foodies or Taurus star signs.

9) See a show at Her Majesty’s theater

This beautiful location holds so much history! It can be a great location for a first date. The location is classy and elegant and always has different shows on.

Just make sure you check the website prior to plan your evening and book the show you’re wanting to see. Bonus points if you and your date get food prior, taking on the ageless concept of “dinner and a show.”

Pro: the location is rich with history.

Con: it’s luck of the draw about what’s playing at the time of your date.

A perfect date for theater lovers & knowledge seekers.

10) Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

Walk around the Art Gallery of South Australia, checking out the art, which will offer things to discuss and talk about – minimizing the risk for awkward silences. This location also has a restaurant, so you and your date can get something to eat and drink afterward to talk more and relax.

Pro: it has free general entry.

Con: may include a lot of walking.

This date idea is best for introverts & artsy types.

11) Play golf at Holy Moly

Sometimes the best way to break those first date jitters is to do something with your date. When you’re moving and focusing on a game, like golf, it’s easier to relax and be yourself – to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Not only is this location fun, also offering food and drinks, but you can make a game as you play questions for question, e.g., “if I make this shot, I get to ask you a question and you need to answer honestly.” And vice versa. It can be a fun and creative way to get to know your date.

Pro: an active way to get to know each other.

Con: one of you might be bad at golf, but you can still laugh about it.

This date is best for competitive types & activity lovers.

12) Go bowling at KingPin

Don’t strike out!

Bowling used to be the place to go in the dating scene – it’s unclear why less people are doing it nowadays. Bowling is a great way to unwind and have fun with your date. There’s food and drink on location, so you can extend the date if it’s going well. 

Also, this location has a lot more to offer, so if you get bored of bowling you can always go to laser tag, the arcade, play pool, or virtual reality games.

Pro: being active gives you something to discuss, minimalising the risk of awkward silences – if you get nervous, you can simply focus on the game.

Con: sometimes the location gets busy.

This date is ideal for people who like to be more active, competitive types, and also introverts.

13) Get a couples massage at Myomasters

Perhaps this is unusual for a first date, but sometimes that’s the point – sometimes that’s the best way to make an impression! When you think about the stresses of life, dating shouldn’t be one of those moments – it should be a time to relax, unwind, and have fun with the person you’re getting to know. So that’s why a massage is perfect!

Also, psychologically, as they think about their date with you they’ll remember how relaxed they felt afterward – which is great too!

Pros: massages are healthy & improve blood flow.

Cons: it can be costly depending on the type of massage you get. Also, sometimes they can get fairly busy, so make sure you book in advance.

This date idea is perfect for those who work at high pressure jobs.

14) Archery at Adelaide Archery Club

When you think about romance, something that comes to mind is being struck by cupid and their arrow. Although, you definitely don’t want to strike your date with an arrow, this date idea is cute, creative and fun. It’s something different to stand out.

Whether you’re good or bad, you’ll be given the opportunity to laugh and bond over this unique experience.

Pro: you can teach your date how to use a bow and arrow and look badass.

Con: you could be a bad shot, but still this gives the opportunity to laugh and joke.

Perfect for active types.

15) Take a Twilight Cruise with Temptation Sailing

Watch the sunset with your date, gaze at the stars and enjoy the relaxing sail together. This date idea is a good way to relax, unwind, and also get to know each other.

Ticket price starts at $44 but you can book a couples package starting at $115, which includes 1 drink per person and a cheese or antipasto plate to snack on and share. 

Pro: romance is guaranteed!

Con: it can be busy, so ensure to book in advance.

This date idea is best for those who love being outdoors, water, and tranquility.