15 Best Bars In Sydney For Meeting Singles And Chat A Night Away

Sydney is known for the hustle and bustle, and singles might find it challenging to meet someone to hang out with here. Fortunately, a pick of the fantastic bars in Sydney has come to be known as the hub for singles. Hop into one today – and you never know who's waiting for you in there.

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Sydney Singles Are Sick Of Online Dating And Now They Are Mingling Offline In Bars

Sydney is known for a lot of things.

Being the most populated city of Australia that is not surprising.

If you are here, we don’t need to tell you about the bustle of the daytime life and the magnificence of the nightlife here either. Speaking of the nightlife, one thing that has come to stand out to us over time is the assortment of Sydney singles bars scattered in the right proportion across the entire city.

There are a lot of places for the single crowd to hang out. However, the appeal of these bars and the fun that they bring to the table means that this is where they like to come to wind off.

“Online dating is like online shopping except you’re looking for people no one wants and it’s $50 a month.” ― Phil Pivnick

Whether it is to cool off after a long day of work, usher in the weekend or just come for a lovely time, these bars are never without some of the most attractive singles in Sydney.

The best thing about these bars is how they don’t play home to the uptight singles. Even if they were uptight when they were coming in, the atmosphere of fun and relaxation here is enough to get them loosened up.

That said, you should not just walk into any bar and expect to meet the finest of Sydney’s singles there. That is why we have curated the list of the best Sydney hookup bars out there.

Man and Woman Flirting and Chatting at Bar

Why Consider Bar Dating

There are a lot of reasons why we prefer that you meet singles in Sydney at bars rather than employ some other technique

It’s Legal

If a person is of legal age to drink, then they are also of legal age to hook up with you.

Taking a trip to the bar is like having the first part of the job done for you so that you do not come off as a creep. Now, when in the bar, there are no age restrictions for who you can approach and strike a conversation with.

Everyone in there is a mature mind, and they will respect your conversation time too. If it were someone who was not much interested in having a conversation at that time, they could just tell you that too.


The Mood

The operators of these hookup bars in Sydney also know that they are doing more than just sell a couple of shots to patrons that come in. They have come to know that their location is a prime spot for people looking to mingle with other singles. 

To that effect, they will do their best to set the mood for you.

We all know that the prevalent mood does a lot to affect the outcome of your advances. It also does well to increase/ decrease your chances of being approached by anyone in the first place.

This is why those bars will curate their service, setup, arrangement, lighting, and music to create the kind of ambiance that sets the tone for any sort of sweet conversation. Some of these bars have a dance floor where you can have some fun with your partner for the night before you head out or exchange contacts.

We don’t think that is something you get on dating apps or elsewhere.

The Mindset

Most of the singles that find themselves in these bars also want to meet other singles.

Besides the fact that they have been screened to be of legal age, and the mood is right, you also have people that have come around with the passive/active intention of meeting someone. It is almost like you have hit a dating gold mine waiting to be harvested – and that you will.



When you meet people online, there is this nagging thought at the back of your mind that they might not be who they say that they are.

If you think this, know that it is not your fault.

So many people have fallen to dating scams, catfishing, etc., that they don’t know what to believe anymore. 

Before you approach anyone, you will have already had a good view of them. Even if you were the one being contacted, you still see the person in their real flesh.  

This provides a level of transparency that you can start using to form a base level of trust. Likewise, you can quickly decide if you have things in common, get the conversation flowing better, and see where things might be going right from the onset. 

That beats having to beat around the bush when online.


No Pressure

When you are in a strictly dating scene, the pressure is on you to find a partner or move on. If you fail to approach someone and strike a bond or get approached by one in such settings, it is not uncommon to feel like you have failed at that attempt.

This could cut back the confidence that you are supposed to be building at this point.

Bars have a unique way of addressing this situation.

Since they were not established for dating, so to speak, it means you can go there to relax instead. Thus, meeting someone that you fancy will just be a cream on the cherry of what was already a beautiful evening for you. 

This takes all the tension and pressures out of the process for everyone involved.


How We Chose The Right Bars

For every bar that we recommend for a Sydney singles night here, we ensure they have hit all the following criteria


Of course, the first place that we looked at is the kind of crowd that shows up to these bars.

Over time, they are the bars now known as the Sydney single bars, given the population of singles that find their way there every day. Of course, not everyone here is a single – and not everyone in these bars is looking for a hookup either.

When you are in any of these bars, though, your chances of finding a single person who would also like to hook up is higher than elsewhere.



Location plays a massive role in any romantic story, so we have put that into consideration too.

Why go for bars in drab areas when you can go to one that offers as much visual aesthetics as can be?

Now, we are not talking about what the bar looks like on the inside alone. We are also concerned about what the bars look like on the outside. Thus, we will only consider those bars located in charming neighborhoods that are bubbling, fun, and attractive. 

Besides, that is the kind of area that will attract people who want to have fun and live life to the fullest. Just like you and the people that you are hoping to meet too.



A right bar is one that has a good assortment of drinks. Otherwise, why does it even have a license to operate in the first place?

There are a wide variety of drinks to choose from in any of the bars on this list. We even did you one better and suggested some of those bars that sell the best cocktails in the Sydney area. 

A little way to spice up your drinking life too, and you’re welcome.



When you meet someone and are having fun with them while grabbing some drinks too, you tend to get hungry.

Should the hunger get unbearable, it would be almost impossible to keep the happy vibes and mood alive. This is why we only consider the bars that are as good with their snacks and food as they are with their drinks,

We know that a bar is not obligated to serve blown out, full meals. They can, however, compensate with a choice of plate options to keep your mouths busy and stomach filled just enough. That is what you get in these places.



The music sets the mood, right? So why would we send you somewhere that has terrible music? 

Some of these bars even invite special DJs on certain days of the week. 

Feel like stepping to some tunes to loosen the atmosphere between yourself and your hookup? Step right onto the dance floor.


Bar fights do not happen as much as they do in the movies, but they do happen. When they arrive, they can get ugly too. This is why we would rather avoid them than find ourselves in the middle of one.

We know you care about that also. Guess that’s why we chose the most civil and calm bars where you can go to have an excellent time.

Worried about seeing some bottles flying around? Worry no more!



Top Bars In Sydney To Mingle Flirty Single Men And Women All Night Long

Here Are 15 Best Picks On Singles Bars In Sydney That You Can Head Out On The Weekend With Your Wing To Find That Special Someone
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1) Double Deuce Lounge

It is one thing to be a serious cocktail bar. It is yet another thing to be that bar selling serious cocktails. Why be one when you can be both, though?

That is what makes the Double Deuce Lounge shine as bright as it does.

This is the bar that you go to when you want to live in a themed reality of what a bar is, with everyone living the part. From the very comfy seats to the VHS case that you are soon to find out is a menu, and some of the best bar music around, you are in for the immersive experience.

It is, thus, little wonder that this has fast become a magnet for the fun, young, and hip around Sydney. Guess where all the singles are spending their evenings right now.

2) The Baxter Inn

Does the name sound romantic to you? Best believe that the experience is nothing short of the same.

We know that you came a little too early to the pub show and wasn’t here to see the taverns of old, but you can see what it would have looked like in this century when you walk into this bar.

The Baxter Inn captures your attention with the vast array of whiskey that the bartender will always have their backs to. For your visual pleasure, the racks are illuminated too – so good luck taking your eyes off the beauty that this gives off. 

Well, unless you have sighted yet another beauty in the bar for that night.

The bar’s appeal is completed with the sliding ladders for the bartenders to make their picks on shelves. 

If you have wanted to try out a variety of whiskey before, here is the place to be. The list of drinks they have is so long; you can climb it. 

Finally, we love that they have a no-door list policy. In other words, you are always welcome.

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3) Solera Bar

A bar that can hold up its appeal in the day as well as at night? Then look no further than the sign that says Solera Bar.

What makes this bar so unique, besides what they have on the menu, are the professional hands that went into crafting every nook and cranny of it.

On the outside is the beautiful terrace that you can choose to hang around during the day or early evening. Moving inside, you are met with green velvet couches with splashes of marble to resonate against them – all brainchild of Steel and Stitch.

Moving to the bar area, you will find Marian Beke doing combinations that become some of the best original cocktails that you can taste anywhere. When Beke is not busy mixing cocktails, he is trying to source some of the rarest champagnes that you won’t find anywhere else in Sydney.

4) Maybe Sammy

There are a lot of bars that only work well as a drop-in location. Then, there are the others that do better as a mini relaxation spot. Maybe Sammy is one of the latter.

When you first walk into this bar, you are hit by a retro feel, and design like you won’t find elsewhere. The creative directors behind the design of the bar are also awesome enough to blend some contemporary with the classical.

Speaking of originality, we are mainly taken by the choices of cocktail on the menu. The bartenders, in their amazing double-breasted jackets, look straight out of a typical bar that James Bond would like to have a shot at.

The choice of snacks on display here makes it an even better pick for you. You simply cannot go wrong with any one of them.

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5) The Rooftop

This is not to be confused with The Rooftop Sydney.

This is a bar that has told you about its location already. So, we know that it is on the roof of something, but what exactly? That is where things get very interesting.

When the Quarryman’s Hotel in Pyrmont first got a facelift, things changed around there. The management saw it fit to expand the beer lounge, giving birth to the Rooftop.

If you are more of a beer person, the lower part of this setup is where you get all that you need. When it is time to switch to cocktails, though, you will find solace at the rooftop itself.

Since this is part of a hotel setup, you should already know that proper food won’t be wanting. From fried chicken burgers and buffalo wings to chicken tacos, you have all you need for the best evening here.

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6) Flamingo Lounge

Did you miss Hugo’s?

For those who went to that bar back in the day, they would. If you didn’t, you would get an upgraded feel of what happens at Hugo’s when you get to the Flamingo Lounge.

More than just a bar, the establishment has grown into a nightclub. Its license to close at 3 am means you can stay for as long as you want, having fun and chatting up exciting singles. 

Enjoy the DJ, enjoy the lounges, take in the atmosphere, and just have fun.

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7) East Village Hotel

Even if you haven’t been here before, we bet that the name sounds inviting enough already.

That is expected at a newly renovated pub in the East Village Hotel, which offers fantastic scenery. From the terraced setting on the top that gives way to a club setting downstairs, no expenses were spared in this facelift. 

The best reason to chat up with a partner here is that the meals are designed to be shared anyway. Why not grab a snack with that good-looking single guy/lady?

8) Jangling Jack’s

We love a witty name just as much as the next guy. But, does the Jangling Jack live up to the hype?

You would have to find out, though. 

Blessed with a calm and serene, locals-only feel, this is the last place to find any trouble at all. The people love Jangling Jack’s so much that a late arrival means that you miss the seats close to the entrance.

Famed in the area for being one of the best dinner options after dark, they are as good with their food as they are with the drinks.

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9) Little Felix

The ‘Little’ in the name of this bar isn’t there for fun. It is minimal, but that is part of its appeal. 

Inside the Little Felix is a table-service setup that gives little to no room for standing or lounging around. The menu would be one of the best in the area unless you were considering the offerings of bigger setups like Felix that is just next door.

That said, the interior has a lack of windows, which helps to amplify the forest green ambiance. A joy to behold, we tell you.

10) The Doss House

Is it a bar? Is it a house? Is it something else?

The Doss House has functioned as a hospital and opium den in the past. Coupled with its location in the Rocks, and you can guarantee that this is a tourist and traveler-magnet already.

That gives you even more options to meet a single for the night. 

At the bar, the Doss House has taken a trip to different parts of the world. Besides the locally-brewed content, you have premium liquor from Japan, France, Scotland, Taiwan, and more.

How can you go wrong?

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11) Hacienda

For a Cuban appeal, that outdoor feel while still being inside and one of the most beautiful sights ever, make sure you taste what is on the menu at Hacienda.

We love the fact that this bar is a part of the more prominent Circular Quay Hotel. Again, this tells us that food won’t be an issue here. Thus, you don’t have to worry about needing to get away from the bar to calm your stomach rumblings.

Before you leave, make sure you taste the cocktails that mimic Cuban flavors to the letter.

12) The Clare Bar

Okay. Let’s try something new here.

We have been talking about bars with their unique food and cocktail picks. How about one with a unique scent? Because that’s what you get with The Clare Bar. 

The smell is not everything, though, that is why they bring more than that to the table.

Inside the bar, the assortment of 62 guest rooms is fascinating. Who said you have to go back home when all the fun is over? 

Combine that with the three high-end restaurants, and this bar has earned its spot on this list.

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13) Bancho Bar

The Bancho Bar has such tasty cocktails; we recommend that you budget how much you want to spend before going. Chinatown has lacked a sound bar for a while, so we are naturally happy that they got one like this. 

Besides the cocktails, there are other brands of liquor on display. Just make sure to ask for the prices before you have one be poured for you.

Fortunately, you can sop up the alcohol slowly with the snack choices onboard. If we were you, we would go for the salted nori fries or that soft bao that just tastes like heaven after some cocktails.

14) Ivy Pool Club

How about that bar that also has a pool to it? This is where we believe the ladies should want to go to pick up a charming suitor.

Of course, you would not want to get into the water and ruin that makeup/ hair setup. However, the men will – and they know that the fine women like you are watching them. All it takes to get the conversation going is eye contact with the one you desire.

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15) Kittyhawk

If you would like something with a bit of stretched back history, there are few places to be other than Kittyhawk.

Feeling a sense of nostalgia when you see the assortment of rye and rum cocktails that are served here. The setup also reminds you of something – maybe one you saw or found in some books. It’s probably the World War II setup, and that is the era that defines the culture of Kittyhawk until today. 

The 175-seater bar also has choice seats for a more delightful view of the city. While staring out, ensure to have looked through the menu for some of these rum and rye beauties. 

Lest we forget, Parisian street food is on display for you. Some more culture for you, don’t you think?

Visit Sydney Singles Bars Today

“Date someone because you already see a future, not because you want to see if you would work out.” ― Sarah Moores

We have done all the legwork for you. All that is left is for you to walk into any of these bars to have an excellent time.

Don’t fret if you do not blend in the first time. You will soon find out that some of these bars have an uncommunicated code of some sort. Once you have the routines nailed, though, you are good to go.

We would love to hear your experiences too. Happy mingling.