15 Best Bars In Melbourne For Meeting Singles

Melbourne might be full of colour and culture, but the singles are not to be missed out on too. Being a generally fun spot, singles also love to have the times of their lives. Either to unwind for the weekend, step on the dance floor, test the karaoke machine or just taste some great cocktail, here are the bars singles in Melbourne love to visit.

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In all of Australia, there is probably no better place for singles to be than Melbourne.

No disrespect to the other cities, but Melbourne is not known as the cultural capital of Australia for no reason.

Look at the museums, the art, the culture, the… just everything, and you see why this is a great place to just enjoy life.

That said, though, there comes a time when singles want to spend some time with other singles too. That is where the Melbourne singles bars come into the loop.

For all those who want to meet singles in Melbourne, here are the best bars that you want to go to.

Melbourne Singles Bars

Best Bars in Melbourne to Chat a Night Away With Single Men And Women

Below Are Our Top Picks On Melbourne Singles Bars For Men And Women To Head Out On The Weekend And Find Their Potential Dates
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1) The Everleigh

When you want to show off this beautiful city to a date, one of the best places to be is The Everleigh. It is even much better when you want to find someone that has come to have fun for the evening – and who happens to be single too.

Of the Melbourne singles bars on this list, we love this one because of the extra things that it brings to the table. 

It is not every day that you go to a bar that offers you palate cleaners, sparkling water, and special ice cubes. While these are not the things that determine the greatness of a bar, it does show that they care about you more than just getting your money.

Speaking about what makes a bar, this award-winning location is blessed with the landscape, environment, and setting to provide for a beautiful evening. They top that with a menu that offers some of the most traditional cocktail recipes. When others are making a lot of hullaballoo with their cocktails, they keep it amazingly grounded here.

Add that to the abundance of space – all thanks to a series of renovations – and our choice of the Everleigh starts making much more sense to you too.


2) Black Pearl

Is it just us, or are these best singles bars in Melbourne too grandly named?

They say that we should never judge a book by its cover. Here, though, we can do just that. As rare as the black pearl is, so is the service at this aptly named bar almost second to none.

This bar has been run for almost two decades now and it has garnered a lot of accolades at that time. The best thing about the Black Pearl is that they are always undergoing subtle and massive changes to keep up with the times. That has made them a top tourist destination – and also one of the best places for a singles night in Melbourne.

Over time, we have come to see the Black Pearl as one of the most interesting bars in the area too. 

Their cocktails might be one of the best in the region, if not the best, but that does not mean that they rest on their oars. Go there in another season, and they have a new list of cocktails waiting for you to try out.

Better still is the laid-back atmosphere here. 

In most bars that have been around even for half as long as this one, a sense of pretension and exclusion might have developed. Not at the believed Black Pearl, though. Wear something comfortable and get going – and you will always be welcome.

This boosts your chances of meeting someone in your skin while they are in their comfort zones too.


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3) Cherry Bar

What do you suppose would be the mood in a bar that is deemed to be the best rock and roll bar in the world?

Hip? Fun? Lively? Enchanting?

No matter which one of those words came to your mind, we can tell you that you are correct. That is just the kind of atmosphere that you get when you are in the Cherry Bar.

If that is true, then you have to know that this bar is sure to attract some of the most fun singles that you can ever hope to meet anywhere.

Besides the music in the bar, the center stage also doubles as a dance spot on some other nights. This gives you an excuse to show your dance moves to your single friend on the dance floor. What better way to connect better than that?

But then, that is not what makes a bar, a bar, right?

Thus, we are happy to let you know that they have an assortment of Aussie brews on hand to make you feel at home again.

Finally, the zero tolerance for sexual harassment in this bar makes it a safe space for singles. Wouldn’t you want to mingle in such a safe space too?


4) Gin Palace

Does the name of this establishment make you feel like they are only good for their gin? Because that would be grossly misleading.

This location has been around for more than 20 years now and they are only getting better with time. This is so apt, seeing as that is the same with fine wine – no pun intended.

The bar is a well-known location for the locals and most of the people that have been in Melbourne for long. It is also the ideal place for office workers to come to loosen their ties at the end of a stressful workweek. That, and we have not mentioned the horde of tourists that make their way here also.

If that is true, then you can see why it is one of the top Melbourne hookup bars out there.

Inside the bar is as cozy as it gets – all thanks to the couches and beautifully-crafted lounges.

The prices that you see on the menu sheet could make you think twice, but all that feeling goes out of the box when you taste the first magical cocktail from the angelic bartenders. No wonder they won a Legend Award from Time Out in 2016.


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5) One Six One

One Six One is not your regular bar.

Looking at what they offer, one would think that they have been here for just a few years. After all, they come off as that fun, hop bar that every young person wants to be at. What you might not know, though, is that they have been in the game for more than two decades now. 

This shows you just how much experience they have under their belt to make your bar experience a memorable one.

What we love the most about One Six One are their weekends. Although the weekdays are also not devoid of some of the best drinks on top of great music, the weekends are when they pull out the entire works.

From Thursdays, they hold special drink events to last all night long. Good luck getting to the office with a straight face the next day. You can catch up with them on Friday evenings and beyond, though. That way, you can even stay to enjoy the special rooftop BBQ. 

And oh, the BBQ comes free. How amazing is that?

Now you know why we love this bar – and why other singles would love it too. Before going, though, you can choose to stream the events of the bar live on Facebook and Instagram. 


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6) The Elysian

Is it just us or cool names like this for a bar makes them even more endearing?

We know that we are not the only ones that feel such a way, and we are equally happy that the name is not the only great thing that this bar has going for it.

The Elysian is a well-known spot for the people of Melbourne, especially the ones who do not joke with their whiskey. 

The owners of this bar know that their whiskey is their key selling point too. That is why they have built a collection of carefully-selected, top-class whiskey. Of these, we have about 350 brands and types for you to choose from.

How could you go wrong?

For those who might not be given to pure whiskey, there is an option for cocktails too. In short, the drinks and fun are set here. All that is left is for you to come to have a great time.


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7) Captain Baxter

Doesn’t this just sound like the name of a pirate that has a lot of fun and drinks to offer?

Well, we do not know about the pirate part, but we know that there is neither shortage of drinks nor fun over at Captain Baxter.

The experience at this location starts when you walk in. The window design which comes with a retractable roof. Everything simply reminds you of the beach experience. 

This beach feeling is not only in the layout, though, but in the food too. After all, that is why you get seafood picks in and around the bar.

If you are a veggie-lover, this is the place for you too. Seeing the assortment of vegan meals on board, you won’t go anywhere anymore for a nice time.

That is only bettered by a selection of some of the best Aussie wines. Everything might be local, but they will take your taste bud places.


8) Miss Collins

It is one thing to go to any other bar, and it is another thing to go to a bar that treats you specially. Miss Collins is one of those Melbourne hookup bars that want to make you as special as can be.

That is why they offer to get your name engraved on a bottle of drink. It might even be anything else you like – as long as it is not more than 14 characters long. Besides the special vodka, there are also other drinks on the ground to wet your mouth with.

The bar is just as great as the kitchen, though.

Since it is not uncommon to get hungry from the fun of the veining, as well as drinking, you have a selection of snackable items to choose from.

Of these, we have the sweet potato chips, some Korean fried cauliflower, chicken ribs, lamb ribs, and pork recipes, among others. You are also soon to find out that the menu is not designed to burn a hole in your pocket either. How amazing is that?


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9) The Emerald Peacock

Are you a businessperson? Do you find yourself always immersed in the hustle and bustle of the CBD? Would you like to hook up with a single that is also likely as involved in businesses as you are? Then you might have to look no further than the Emerald Peacock.

First things first, we hope that you know that there are different stages to the fun that you can have here. This is one bar that you can go to and feel like you are at three different bars for the night.

The fun starts at the Feather Lounge which is found on the first level. Here, you find an assortment of luxury seating options that are only bettered by the apt arrangement and ambient lighting. 

On the same level is the Peacock Lounge – an alternate universe for those who prefer the setting here instead.

It looks just as lush, with royal-coloured upholstery on the chairs reflecting under the glimmer of a magnificent chandelier. This bar surely knows how to cater to the taste of the business class.

Finally, the top-level is home to a rooftop where you can stare over the entire area while sipping one of the very beautiful cocktails on the menu. Or, you can be chatting up one of the eligible singles in the house for the evening after a long day at work. The choice is yours.


10) Byrdi

Does the name sound unconventional to you? That is because Byrdi has not come to do things the same way others are doing it.

The parent company behind the bar is known for the awards that it has picked up in its drinks department. You will understand why when their aptly clothed members of staff serve you one of the best cocktails to ever touch your tongue.

The drinks are as original as they come – and it is only bettered by the food coming out of the kitchen.

When chefs are just as great as the mixers, you might be tempted to empty your wallet in such an establishment. Looking at the nice pricing model too, it would take you a while to empty those pockets anyways.

If you will be going to Byrdi, make sure you are not on a full stomach. That could rob you of enough space to accommodate all the generous offerings that Byrdi has waiting for you.


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11) Beneath Driver Lane

No, this is not the address of the bar. That is the actual name that it bears. Funny, isn’t it?

One of the many reasons why this has fast become of the best singles bars in Melbourne is the setting that comes with the bar. 

For one, how would you fancy the idea of dining and wining in what used to be an old bank vault? Not only that, but the bar also comes with a Harry Potter-like feeling when you step in.

Magic, nostalgia, and class in a single, fine blend.

What is finer than that has to be the array of whiskey and cocktails on the menu. That, and we have not mentioned how the signature Reuben sandwiches will keep your mouth busy.

Wine bars are known to be the ones with a better focus on food. Beneath Driver Lane destroys that myth, though, showing that a cocktail-serving location can know something about proper food too.


12) Eau De Vie

The name might be charming, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

When Eau de Vie started its life, it was one of those exclusive locations that were known to only a few. There is only how long you can keep something amazing a secret, though. Today, the bar has fast become the open secret of the Melbourne dwellers.

Stepping into the venue, you will be met with the sweeping effect of a jazz soundtrack which ushers you to the private booths in the bar. Service is clad in waistcoats, quickly reminding you of one of those classic bars you only see in the movies.

The assortment of drinks and cocktails will jolt you back to the present day, though. Rum and whiskey are as commonplace here as the tableside smoking, so don’t be scared to pull out all the stops.

One of those bars that allow you to exist in your skin, we daresay.


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13) Madame Brussels

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking you always have to be on your best behavior.

Madame Brussels is that bar that plans to make you blush, and she almost always gets it done. The innovative drinks menu is the first place to look. There, you will find no shortages of carefully picked names which tell you what you are getting but with some double entendre.

You get to choose from a selection of cups – as much as the Fruity Double D Cups – and jugs are not left behind either. You will also benefit greatly from the array of balls – and other kinds of possible tongue-in-cheek naming systems.

The staff members are not left out of the fun either. They are modestly flirtatious, making you wonder how they combine the perfect dose of professionalism with casual-ness without ever breaking character. Make sure you are not too lost staring at the butt-skimming gear that this staff is decked out in either.

Now you see why the singles will flock to this bar, right?


14) Ends And Means

The bar might be a means to your dating ends, but who said you cannot get both? That is why Ends and Means is here for you!

The major selling point of Ends and Means is sustainability. With the amount of waste that the hospitality industry is responsible for, this bar works hard to cut back on that carbon footprint. 

Following that model, they have managed to only generate less than a bag of landfill per day.

If that sounds amazing, wait till you set your mouth on any of their cocktails.

The cocktails are made better with the option to only use seasonal ingredients weekly. Thus, you can go here multiple times and have different cocktail menus to choose from.

This bar believes that everyone can make a difference, all starting from the basic everyday things. On the other hand, you can now drink to the environment’s health, quite literally.

With a growing number of singles sharing environmental saving concerns, this is just the right environment to meet those Melbourne singles of like minds.


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15) Bar Tini

A nice wordplay on martini, Bar Tini takes the Spanish bodega game to the next level.

Many people think that it only works best as a cocktail bar, but they could not be more wrong. Make a bold move to ask for their wine list and you will have confirmed this too.

Perhaps the best thing about this bar is the food. That is not too surprising as it is a common tradition with good wine places to have great food to match.

Digging into the food menu, you are going to find the company of croquettes, smallgoods, and tortillas a welcome one. What you want to go for, though, are the canned seafood varieties on the table. 

If there is one time where our words won’t do enough justice to the offering, it is with Bar Tini.


Get Mingling Today in Melbourne Singles Bars

“In its purest form, dating is auditioning for mating (and auditioning means we may or may not get the part).” ― Joy Browne

As promised, now you have a list of the top and best Melbourne hookup bars to try out. We have also made the list such that you can have fun all by yourself too in these bars. With a combination of class, prestige, great drinks, amazing music and top-class food to match, there is no way you can go wrong with any of the bars on this list.

Seeing as none of them are exclusive either, nothing stops you from checking them all out. That way, you can find the bars that best resonate with you.

If there is a better time to start bar hopping and mingling with new singles, it is today.