The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and other such movements all advocate one thing – that your inner beliefs create your reality. While it may just seem like New Age mumbo-jumbo to some, it is actually not as farfetched as it sounds. In fact, this is a dogma that is well within the realm of logic. Basically, what it all boils down to is mind power – and oh, you will be very surprised with what your mind can do, indeed!

Now, you might wonder how an organ such as the mind – which is only one of many organs in our body, when you really think about – can do so much to affect our physical reality. Well, here’s the thing – the world of our mind and imagination is a virtual reality that feels and even appears real, especially when it comes to emotions. So if you are seeking happiness and greater fulfillment in your physical reality, the changes toward that end in the virtual reality that exists in your mind will inevitably make a more lasting impact than anything that you can possibly do in your physical world. So let us break it down as such.

What You Believe To Be True

The fact of the matter is how you view and live your life is highly dependent on your perceptions and personal beliefs. This is the framework that dictates your failures and successes; thereby, providing you with a structured process that allows you to honestly evaluate the goings-on in your life.

Now, these personal beliefs are largely based on all the things that you have ever observed and experienced throughout your life. It is safe to surmise, therefore, that your beliefs, perceptions, and prejudices all have a logical component and an emotional aspect to them. Which brings us to the next point…

Logic and Emotions

Basically, beliefs are built upon a mix of emotions and logic. At first, a belief is nothing more than just a theory. Throughout time, however, your logical deductions and observations start to contribute to making a belief a reality. Add the emotions that stem from everything that you experience, and you have built a belief.

Knowing these two major components that make up the belief structure, you will then be able to make better sense of your own personal reality. More importantly, this knowledge will give you a considerable measure of control, as well, when it comes to your reality.

Beliefs As Facts

More often than not, as soon as we establish certain beliefs, we invariably see them as facts and rarely, if ever, scrutinize them. Basically, everything that we see, think, and experience moving forward is adjusted to fit those beliefs. Now, while this is not generally a conscious process, this can be quite debilitating when it comes to facing new circumstances.

An Upgrade Is In Order

The fact of the matter is certain beliefs outlive their usefulness and are rather irrelevant as you go through life. By upgrading your belief system, therefore, you will find yourself better able to evaluate your life. In turn, you will be substantially better equipped to affect your reality.


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