We have all seen it happen. Perfectly nice girl goes head-over-heels in love with James Dean-esque, rebel-without-a-cause bad boy. Tattooed, chain-smoking, possibly unemployed binge-drinker has all the ladies chasing him all over town. It is not the plot of a bad rom-com, unfortunately. It is actually as real as it gets.

The truth of the matter is good girls have been quite taken with bad boys since time immemorial. Blame it on upbringing, daddy issues, and a bunch of other psychological disorders. In the same way that most people are always enticed by the things that are patently bad for them, jerks always get the girls, while nice guys finish last. And there are some rather specific reasons why:

1. The thrill of the chase.

Bad boys are very hard to figure out. Heaven only knows what he is thinking and feeling and how he is seeing the world, yet most women want so desperately to be the one that figures everything out. It is a challenge as thrilling as any other, which is why she keeps coming back for more. It is certainly a lot more exciting than being with someone who can be easily read – or worse, someone who is a total pushover!

 2. And speaking of challenges…

There is nothing more exciting than the idea of being the woman who can turn a serial playboy into a loving, monogamous man. This is actually one of the strongest pulls for women who are attracted to bad boys. After all, who doesn’t want to be The One? Unfortunately, this hardly ever ends well. Not only are women setting themselves up for disappointment with this line of thinking, it can also take a turn for the worse. After all, the majority of bad boys are misogynistic and manipulative. Once he has her wrapped up in his little finger, who knows what could happen?

 3. The excitement.

For younger women, the idea of sneaking around with a guy that her parents will not approve of can be terribly exciting. Which is why younger girls are more prone to falling for bad boys, as opposed to more mature women. It is all about the adventure and the allure of the proverbial Forbidden Fruit. Bad boys compel women to test their boundaries and walk on the wild side – something they normally will not do on their own, in their right minds.

 4. And speaking of “the wild side…”

“Bad boys” is practically synonymous with “great sex.” Perhaps they just have more experience. Or maybe they are just more used to taking what they want when they want it. Or perhaps, it is even because they are just so much more masculine both in looks and in demeanor! But the fact of the matter is sex with a bad boy is likely to be a lot wilder, more exciting, and more adventurous. Numerous women can attest to that.

 5. The indifference.

Lastly, bad boys normally just do not give a damn. If a woman doesn’t like this or that, they would simply shrug it off and move on. Such a cavalier attitude is guaranteed to send any woman into a tizzy. And therein lies the rub.


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