Fat loss is a primary goal of many diets and exercise plans. However, it’s easy to become confused about starting a fat loss diet or workout. There are lots of “fool-proof” plans out there, but the reality is that nothing takes the place of old-fashioned diet and exercise. Read on for tried-and-true methods of cutting fat the natural way.

Eating Right

Before you begin your very first fat loss workout, you need to consider a healthy fat loss diet. The right diet for losing fat is one which includes plenty of lean protein and vegetables. Carbs do have a place in this type of diet, but they should be the healthy, whole-grain variety instead of processed and refined.

Eating properly will help you with your fat loss workout. Before each workout, it’s important to eat a light snack to fuel your body. Fat loss workouts are typically longer than, for example, weight-lifting regimens, and it’s important to give your body the nutrients it needs.

After your workout, you should also eat a light snack. During this relatively short window of time – usually about an hour – your muscles are revved up and in prime condition to create new muscle. While muscle does not replace fat, it does make it easier for your body to burn it off. Feed that new muscle with something containing easily absorbed proteins, such as a specifically designed post-workout protein shake.

Choosing Your Workout

Selecting the right fat loss workout for you can be a challenge, especially if exercise has never been a regular part of your life. There are many different workouts available, and it can be difficult to choose.

If you’ve ever played a sport – even back in high school gym class – that you enjoyed, you might use that as a starting point. Sports offer excellent cardio-based, fat-burning workouts, and they’re loads of fun.

If you prefer to go solo, your best fat loss workout may be something solitary. Running and jogging are great places to begin. Who knows – you may end up running in a marathon one day! If you would enjoy these activities but can’t run outdoors due to safety or weather, you may benefit from a treadmill.

If you’re a team player but simply don’t enjoy sports, you may find a class to be just the ticket. These workouts are a lot of fun, and you’ll enjoy the team atmosphere. There are loads of different classes available, from dancing to old-fashioned aerobics. Look around your local area – you’re sure to find at least a few which sound interesting.

Regardless of what type of workout you choose, remember that intense, short bursts of exercise burn fat far more efficiently than long, slow ones. Jogging is great – but think of it as a supplement, not your entire routine.

Keep It Up

Sticking with any new and healthy routine can be challenging at times. You’ll want to eat that extra cupcake, or skip “just one day” of your running routine.

If you know that you’re prone to slipping off healthy routines, consider asking a friend to diet and exercise with you. When you’re accountable to somebody other than yourself, you’re more likely to make good choices. As a bonus, your workouts will be much more enjoyable.

As with any new exercise routine, check with your doctor before beginning, and remember to have fun!


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