A look around our day to day surroundings will make us realize that people come in different shapes and sizes; some may be tall whereas some may be stout or short. However you can categorize almost all human beings into three major body-types based on characteristics exhibited by them. These body types are namely Endomorphs, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. Let us quickly check what body type you are and what you can do to make your body type look good.

Ectomorph: If you sport a slender figure or are relatively thin and have major trouble trying to gain weight then you are an Ectomorph. Ectomorphs usually have small bones and sport small shoulders and thin waist. They are prone to injuries while pursuing intense physical activities. Ectomorphs should focus more on eating balanced diet. Resistance training and circuit training are ideal for Ectomorphs.  Ectos tend to burn calories faster and hence they should ensure that they consume more than required amount of calories in order to gain weight. Wearing layered clothing and comfort fitting clothes can help you in looking stylish. Your aim should be to take away the focus from your waist. Skinny jeans or jeggings paired with Kaftans or tunics are great style statement for Ectomorphs.

Mesomorph: If you have muscular body and you have the ability to gain weight with ease then you can be categorized as a Mesomorph. Mesomorphs generally have wide shoulder and well defined chest. They have one of the best bodies that could make heads turn. Mesomorphs should be cautious about gaining weight as they have uncanny ability to gain pounds with ease. Healthy diet, low fat food and routine workouts are best ways to keep your body fit. Mesomorphs can almost pull off any outfit with grace. They should wear clothes that accentuate their shoulders.  Skinny jeans, jackets, flowing dresses and pencil skirts with halter tops look fabulous on Mesomorph women. Broad belts work wonderfully for accentuating the broad frame of Mesomorphs.

Endomorph: If your body is curvaceous and you tend to gain weight easily then you can be categorized as an Endomorph. Endomorphs tend to accumulate fat on lower half of their body. Most women with pear shaped bodies fall in the category of Endomorphs. Endomorphs should stay away from high calorie foods and sedentary lifestyle as they tend to gain easily on their hips and thighs. Endomorphs should wear clothes that take away the focus from the lower half of their body. Flowing silhouettes are best for Endomorphs.  Endomorphs should combine cardio workouts with resistance training for shedding pounds. Dietary changes also play an important role in helping an Endomorph to lose weight.

Trust this helps you in identifying your body type. Do remember to love yourself and take care of your body irrespective of whatever body type you are. Proper care and apt styling can make you look fabulous throughout the year. So cheers to good life and healthy lifestyles!


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