You’ve read it and heard it billions of times – women adore a confident man! However, have you ever wondered why this is so? A confident man is an attractive man, for many different reasons. Here, we’ll explore precisely why women are attracted to confidence.


Why is Confidence Attractive?

There is some debate as to why people of both sexes find confidence attractive. The most popular theory, however, has less to do with cavemen and more to do with finding a stable partner. A confident man is perceived as being less likely to be needy, clingy or insecure – all of which are huge turn on to women. A physically attractive man can lose that first attraction very quickly if he turns out to be a whiny, passive doormat. While women definitely don’t want to be stepped on in a relationship, they don’t want a man who will allow himself to be walked on either.

This type of attraction works just as well for women who are seeking a fling as it does for those looking for a long-term relationship. A confident man is an attractive man, regardless of a woman’s relationship goals.


How to Display Confidence in Body Language

Displaying your confidence does not include strutting about like you’re the best thing to happen since online shopping. Cockiness is not confidence – in fact, most guys who act cocky are actually very insecure!

A confident man does very little to purposely call attention to himself. He walks into a room like he owns it – shoulders back, head held high, taking slightly slower-than-average strides as he walks. This attractive man doesn’t crowed women he talks to, but he does get in close enough to let them know there’s an attraction. When he sits down, he leans back and opens up his body – this communicates that he’s unafraid.


How to Display Confidence in Conversation

A confident man does not need to rely on silly pick-up lines to get a woman’s attention – or her phone number. He simply pays her a sincere compliment (preferably avoiding anything overtly sexual), then chats her up. A truly attractive man is skilled in creating interesting conversations with strangers. You can look up tips and tricks – this is not a difficult skill to learn.

When you land that girl’s number or score a date, be confident in your decisions, as well. There’s nothing wrong with her selecting the restaurant or activity – but be careful not to automatically follow along with every single decision. A confident man knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to (respectfully and politely) voice his preferences.

Part of confident conversation is how you word your dating options. This often-overlooked factor can make the difference between sounding confidence and sounding insecure. Instead of saying, for example, “We should go to X restaurant,” you should say “I would love to take you to X restaurant.” The difference communicates two things – you’re a confident, attractive man, and want to take this girl out for dinner. Confident and personal interest – you can’t lose!


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