Time and tide waits for no man is an old adage. You can never bring back the time you have lost hence it is important that you learn to use your time effectively. Time management is a skill that can be developed with persistence and perseverance.  It is important that you chalk out a time management strategy and adhere to it strictly if you are planning on utilizing your time efficiently.

Developing a time management strategy, which is most effective for you, depends on your personality, your self-motivation and your aims. Therefore by including all or few of following in your routine, be assured, your time will be utilized much more effectively and efficiently than what you have planned:

  • Incorporate a Planner in Your Plan

Use a planning tool to increase your productivity. Plan your month, your week and your day. Set your big goals and break them into small achievable goals. Set your targets for the day, week and month to achieve that big goal. A planner will not only help you divide your time wisely, but will also help you keep the track of where you are heading. It would help to eliminate the unnecessary time consuming activities from your schedule. Ensure that you adhere to your planner to the tee for best results.

  • Delegate

There is no harm in accepting help from others. Learn to delegate the unimportant tasks to others. This will help you gain time for the tasks that actually require your expertise.  Delegation involves identifying tasks that others can do and then selecting suitable persons to do them. It will make you focus on the more important tasks for achieving your goals. Most of us do not trust others with our work and hence we take the burden of doing everything ourselves. This eats into our productive time as we spend a large chunk of our time doing things that could have been easily delegated. Most successful managers are good delegators hence if you are looking at optimizing your time management skills it is crucial that you learn delegation.

  • Learn To Say No

As simple it seems, this is the toughest job one has to do. We face this situation many times in a day where saying a simple no would save us valuable time. Do not get affected by the external time wasters imposed by other people and things, rather deny politely. Stay focused on your goal. Avoid small distractions like phone calls that are unnecessary or gossips over coffee. Learn to say no and save your precious time rather than regretting it later on.  Inability to say no often leads us to situations where we are doing other’s work in spite of being neck deep in our own work. Inability to say no can be one of the biggest reasons that you are unable to manage your time.  It might seem tough initially but by declining certain things politely, you will be doing yourself a favor in the long run.


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