While there are a great deal of weird celebrity beauty hacks out there that we won’t be trying anytime soon (think Victoria Beckham’s bird poop facials), some are incredibly easy and effective.

Emma Stone’s Grapeseed Oil

This beauty uses plain, ordinary grapeseed oil from the grocery store as an all-over body moisturizer. The idea is basic enough – after all, beauty products featuring oils are all the rage right now. Grapeseed has a low comedogenic rating, which means it’s very unlikely that the all-natural treatment will clog pores. The product can easily be obtained, and even the organic varieties won’t break your wallet wide open. Any way you look at it, this is a great idea, leaving skin soft, moisturized and not at all greasy.

Blake Lively’s Mayonnaise Pre-Shampoo

The gorgeous red-carpet siren has amazingly healthy, shiny hair, and she credits her mom for keeping it that way. According to a family beauty secret, Lively and her mother coat the bottom portion of their hair with mayonnaise before showering. The heavy coat of grease keeps the split-prone portions of hair from being stripped by shampoo. This trick has all the marks of an odd but ingenious treatment, since the oils in mayonnaise are very similar to those in the pricey hot-oil treatments we’ve all shelled out too much money for. Just be sure to rinse very thoroughly…the aroma of stale mayo is not a sexy thing.

Everybody’s New Oral-Health Trick – Oil Pulling

Okay, not quite everybody. But a surprising number celebs – including Gwyneth Paltrow, Shailene Woodley and Lauren Conrad – are trying this ancient Ayurvedic practice. To pull toxins from the body, fight off hangovers, improve gum health and more, devotees simply swish about a teaspoon of oil around the mouth. The only hard part? You have to do it for a full 20 minutes in order to benefit. Oils vary, but the most popular include coconut and sesame. With all the ancient wisdom that’s becoming popular and proven these days, this hack certainly can’t hurt!

Nicole Kidman’s Cranberry Juice Hair Rinse

Since she’s been wowing audiences for years now with her fiery locks, it’s no surprise that this A-lister has a few tricks up her sleeve. Cranberry juice sounds odd for a hair rinse, but it’s really no different than using henna, clove or lemon juice, all of which are popular rinses for different hair colors. The rinse, in addition to boosting color, helps with shine and seals hair cuticles for easy straightening.

Bird Poop Facials Explained

Not that we’re a fan, but Posh Spice’s icky-sounding treatments really do work. They’re an ancient Japanese ritual known as Geisha Facials, and involve the poo of nightingales. After seeing the results, who are we to judge?


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