Are you looking at gaining muscles and beefing up your body quickly? Are you wondering, what the best way to achieve a well chiselled, muscular body in the shortest possible time? If yes, then read on. Most of us feel that consuming heavy protein diet and protein shakes can help us to gain weight and muscles quickly.

However there are several other ways that you can bulk up easily. One of the most important criteria of bulking up is discipline. You need to have a disciplined approach when your aim is to bulk up. Let us look at some of the best ways to bulk up quickly.

1.  Increase your food intake: Our body requires energy to sustain throughout the day. Body generates energy through calories consumed by us.  You would need to increase your daily calorie intake so that your body stores the excess calories as fat reserves. You can shape your body using these reserves.  For instance a 30 year male would require 2400 calories/day to manage his daily activities. If he needs to gain one pound (0.45kg) in a week, then he would need to have additional 500 calories per day. So, this 30 year old male would need to consume 2900 calories a day to gain one pound in a week. Calorie requirement would also depend on your physical activity. So if you are working out intensely you will need more calories.

2.  Focus on resistance training: If you are looking at bulking up, it is important that your body endures resistance training. You will be able to expand your body only when you break down your smaller muscles to form bigger muscle groups. Strength training and resistance training are the best ways to supplement your body building schedule. No improvement in the build-up of muscles equates to zero result.  With each and every workout you must seek an improvement in terms of diet, heavier weights, number and frequency of sets but taking the same time to rest. Constantly improving your diet and resistance training will allow your body to expand at its optimum.

3.  Enhance your protein intake: Opt for high protein, low carb diet to boost lean muscle growth. Do remember to take 0.5 grams of protein for every pound of your weight. Choose a nutritious diet that is apt for the level of your workout. Ensure that you have four to six large meals a day in order to bulk up with ease.

4.  Get Adequate Sleep: It is important that you take adequate rest if you need to gain weight. Ensure that you sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Your muscles tend to repair themselves when you are resting hence it is important that you sleep adequately. Skipping on sleep leads to lowering of testosterone levels. This leads to drop in energy levels. Dropped energy levels are enemies for a good workout hence you must ensure sufficient rest.

Following these simple tips will help you to achieve your objective of bulking up quickly.


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