First dates are usually a memorable one. Whether it’s a good or bad memory depends on some skills you need to work on prior your first date. Below are some topics, which may be best to avoid on a first date, to leave you with a wonderful memory of your experience.

  • It is best to avoid mention of your previous relationships on a first date, as this could be a sensitive issue. They may think that you are still emotionally attached to your previous relationship, and may consider themselves as a rebound.
  • Financial matters are another sensitive topic to discuss on a first date when you are just getting to know someone. You do not want to seem too materialistic nor portray that you are not capable of saving. This can be discussed at a later stage.
  • It is best not to start the very first conversation with a joke, as your date may not think that you take the date seriously.
  • First dates should not be demanding on the other person. It is best to remain in a casual state of mind and enjoy how the date pans out.
  • It is best to avoid grievances or negative outlooks on certain topics. You want the date to be a joyful one and not bogged down with negativity or grievances.
  • Ensure that you allow the other person to speak and that you do not overtake the conversation. First dates are about getting to know each other equally in order to see if it is worth a second date.
  • Avoid criticism on the first date, have an open-mind. You never know what you might discover!

We hope that these tips are useful and helpful on your first date adventures. Don’t forget to be yourself and be open to new possibilities!


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