At some point in time in our lives, we all fear rejection. Be it in work life, love life or social circle of friends.  Here are five small but effective ways to get through the feeling:

1. Stop Worrying About It

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Stop being guided by this fear. The key is to act maturely and not to succumb under pressure.  We attract the things that we think about hence constantly thinking about rejection is only going to bring in more rejections. Leave the baggage behind and start on a fresh note. Visualize your success and work towards it. You will be surprised to see a surge in your confidence after this.

2. Time For Loved Ones

Whenever you are going to face a situation where you fear of being rejected (whether it is going for a new job interview or asking a girl out) take out some time to spend with your loved ones, be it family or friends. They will gladly remind you of how good you are.  They will make you realize that your negatives are not as bad as you think, and that you are an amazing person. Learn to appreciate yourself. Feeling good about oneself is the first step towards overcoming rejection.

3. Make It A Learning

Rejections aren’t always bad. They let you know where and when you are doing something wrong.  They help you improve on your short comings. With every rejection, you face your fear and ultimately you grow immune to it.  It increases your risk taking ability.  Next time when you will face a similar situation, it will be surprisingly easy to deal with. Do remember that everything happens for a reason.

4. Be Optimistic

Accept yourself for who you are. There may be someone who didn’t like you for being you. But that is not your problem. So just enjoy the ride. Be comfortable within yourself and realize your own self-worth. Do not seek reaffirmation from others. Just remember you are one of a kind and it isn’t worth changing yourself because someone didn’t approve of it. Learn to look at the positive side in every aspect of life. If something goes wrong see what you can learn from the situation instead of grieving over it.

5. Forgive Yourself And Move On

Most of us tend to be harsh on ourselves. We tend to judge our failures critically and that’s what instills the fear of rejection in us. It is important to move away from your failure if you intend to make a fresh start.  Let go of what went wrong. You didn’t prepare yourself, you showed up late, didn’t behave properly, whatever the reason may be. Just forgive yourself at that very moment. Rather than sulking over it, figure out how you can improve on it and then do it!

When one door closes, new ones open. Seek out yours. Embrace the experience and move on.


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