Your bedroom is a sanctuary – a place of peace, a place of rest. More than that, however, it is also your love nest – the very place where the magic happens, pardon the cliché. And let’s face it, no magic is ever likely to happen if your bedroom is sterile, unkempt, or looking like something that you would see in a frat house. This means no mirror balls, no gaudy red walls, and most certainly no month-old pizza boxes lurking about. Instead, your bedroom should be personal, comfortable, and, of course, sexy.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve just that:

1. Invest in a good bed.

The bed is the visual centerpiece of any bedroom. This means that the bed alone can already make or break the space. It is, therefore, time to toss out the box spring, and invest in a good bedframe that reflects your unique taste and personality. A low, wide frame, for instance, will subtly open up the room, so it seems bigger and a lot more impressive. Plus, it will give you a sexier point of view.

And while we’re on the topic, do not scrimp on your mattress, as well. A good mattress will spell the difference between a good rest and a bad one. This means that a sound mattress investment will, indeed, do a lot for your general well-being. Plus, it makes for great cuddling.

2. Invest in good lighting.

Ditch the overhead fluorescent lights; your bedroom is not a warehouse or a hospital. Ideally, your bedroom should have 3 points of light that are strategically placed for your easy use. Having 2 bedside reading lamps and 1 light fixture on the opposite side of the room will already give you a nice, cozy triangle of light. The rest of the room will do well with indirect illumination.

It is also a good idea to have candles and lanterns at the ready for those extra sexy moments. Candles give off the softest and warmest light, so they are very sexy. Everyone looks great in candlelight, too, so that is definitely a plus.

3. Lose the gadgets.

If you want to make your bedroom a real sexy retreat, then by all means, lose the tech. Wires snaking through the room and gadgets strewn about helter-skelter are a real mood killer. Plus, if it helps, electronics have also been found to interrupt your circadian rhythm, so these really do ruin the sanctity of your space.

4. Grow up.

While your bedroom should be an expression of your character, it should also look like a grownup’s room to be sexy. This means stow your toy collection elsewhere. And lose the racy Playboy posters! You are no longer in high school, after all.

5. Keep it clean.

Everyone knows that a dirty bedroom is the biggest turnoff of them all! So vacuum your floors, keep your surfaces neat, and put your clothes away. And for the love of God, clean up under the bed, too! Believe it or not, a clean and orderly bedroom is the best possible backdrop for a sexy encounter of the dirty kind. So if you cannot do anything else, at least, keep your room clean.


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