Not many people know this, but much of attraction between the sexes actually stems from the olfactory senses. As a matter of fact, a woman’s keen sense of smell allows her to effectively sniff out her biological partner at a subliminal level. So it definitely goes without saying that how you smell definitely matters when it comes to attracting members of the fairer sex. Which is why it is extremely important for you give your scent as much attention as, say, your clothes.

And so we give you the top five elegant and classic scents that will have you scooping up the ladies left, right, and center:

 1. Colonia by Acqua Di Parma.

As far as men’s fragrances go, this is a real force to be reckoned with. It is not as mainstream as most of the well known and established brand names on this list, but that may actually work in its favor as it exudes a tenor of class, elegance, and exclusivity – much like an invitation to an elite club – with the proportional price tag to boot. It has a scent that is distinctly reminiscent of the citrus groves of the Mediterranean complemented by the mesmerizing aromas of rose, oak, sandalwood, verbena, lemon, lavender, bergamot, patchouli, and moss. It also uses an extremely rare kind of oil that can only be extracted from agarwood, which is the very valuable resin of the aquilaria tree. Indeed, it is timeless, and it makes for the perfect signature scent.

 2. Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein.

Hands down, this Calvin Klein scent is one sexy fragrance. In fact, it can be argued that it effectively exudes sex far more than the more expensive brands out there. What sets Eternity Aqua apart is that it is also quite a subtle and fresh scent at the same time, so it is not at all intrusive. It also has a rather lengthy staying power, which is something that not many men’s fragrances can claim to have.

 3. Envy by Gucci for Men.

Women have been known to succumb to the allure of Gucci’s Envy – and for good reason. It is an extremely masculine scent that is hard to ignore with its delicious combination of musk, nutmeg, ginger, amber, and cedar. While this is undoubtedly a daytime scent, it actually also holds its own on those intimate nightcaps. Refreshing with just the right hint of macho, it is definitely a scent to envy.

 4. No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men by Clive Christian.

Retailing at over $2,000 a bottle, this is undoubtedly the most expensive perfume in the world. It is such a lux scent, in fact, that it is almost lethal – but in a good way, of course. It features a heady scent derived from a wonderful mix of mandarin, thyme, jasmine, bergamot, lime, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. And the ultimate coup de grace? A brilliant-cut diamond incorporated into the bottle. This is definitely for the most discerning of gents.

 5. The One by Dolce & Gabbana.

The message that this fragrance effectively conveys is that you are a gentleman who takes great care of himself. It is extremely sophisticated with a strong, citrusy base. However, it is also very warm and welcoming with just a subtle hint of tobacco leaf. Indeed, it is a scent that exudes powerful charisma, making it a most effective seduction tool. If this doesn’t tell her that you’re The One, then we don’t know what will.


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