Getting a raise could be one of the most difficult situations regarding your career. Regardless of how much you know you deserve a raise, walking into your boss’s office and asking for more money can be downright scary. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to land that raise, geared specifically toward career-minded singles.

Do Your Best

While this is an obvious step toward furthering your career in any regard, it’s especially important if you’re gearing up to ask for a raise. Even the most dedicated employees can find themselves slipping into comfortable – yet not 100% positive – patterns. It may be leaving a bit early on Fridays, not contributing as much as you used to in meetings or any number of other common workplace errors.

If you think you deserve a raise, your work and your workplace attitude needs to reflect that goal. If you’re chronically late, make sure that you’re the first in the door each day. If you’re quite in meetings, start speaking up more. If you slip out early, make it a point to stay later than necessary at least a few times a week. The best employees are the most dedicated, and dedication leads to rewards. Plan on exhibiting your new top-employee skills for at least a few months before you take that trip to the boss’s office.

Chat Up the Important Leaders

Let’s make the point first and foremost that becoming friendly with your superiors is not, in any way, the same as kissing up. In fact, kissing up is one of surest ways to crush any chances of getting a raise – bosses have kiss-up radar, and they don’t appreciate the effort.

Instead of kissing up, make a genuine effort to get to know your boss and any other superiors. There are several reasons for this. In a large company, it’s easy for head honchos to be completely oblivious of those working in lower tiers. This isn’t their fault, but it needs to be remedied if you’re gunning for a raise. The boss needs to know who you are before a raise can be given.

In addition to simple recognition, becoming “one of the gang” with people above your current employee tier is always a good idea, raise or no raise. It’s very easy for the bosses, managers or other leaders to view those below them as cogs in the machine. By befriending these people, you’ll open their eyes and make them see you as an equal. When you ask for a raise, it won’t sound like a lower-tier employee asking for more money – it will sound like a peer asking for the recognition they deserve.

It goes without saying that friendships with leaders should feel natural. If there’s a boss you absolutely can’t stand, don’t try to fake a friendship – this is also extremely easy to spot, and makes you look like the dreaded kiss-up.


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