It’s not far away from the truth when Coco Chanel says that “Fashion stays, but style endures.”

We’re products of our own thinking, and our style statement reflects that. What we wear, how we accessorize ourselves, what shoes we wear reflect micro-thoughts that we may or may not want to show.

How you dress can be used as a direct gauge of your mood. What I mean by style here, is the way you dress and how you come across, to an impartial observer looking at you.

There may be days where you wouldn’t want to crawl out of bed. You assemble clothes quickly, without nay a care and walk out into the world. The clothes you decide to wear, shows that you put them on quickly, or without much thought. Or if your dress is ruffled, an observer may think you probably left in a hurry.

We’re going to interpret your dressing sense a little differently and say, How You Dress, says a LOT about HOW You feel about YOURSELF.

Whenever you are on top of the world, it shows in what you dress. You may pick out something that flatters you, or even pick out that purse you hadn’t used. Or try those shoes which you kept at the back of the cupboard, simply because you’re so happy about yourself and you’d want to celebrate.

Or flip the coin, when you’re down the dumps, and the only thing you’d want to wear are those comfortable jammies and that worn out comfy T-shirt.

It isn’t a rule laid down in stone, but if you believe in yourself and you love yourself, your clothes tend to flatter your body and you are forward with choices. You reflect your own personal style. This style is unique from what someone else might impose on you. You dress because you want your body to look beautiful.

The way you dress also shows your commitment to a particular GOAL or OBJECTIVE. Let us take an example, if you’re going out for your birthday party, you’d dress in clothes that make you feel extremely good about yourself because it is your special day. The dress you’d wear for say, a funeral would be that much more drab and plain, to show your condolences for the deceased.

What you wear, right from the sunglasses till the shoe you’re wearing, show how important you think that particular task is. They show the level of care and thought you put behind them.

Looking at your dress, a person can guess what industry you work in, or the sort of job you have. Looking at the style, they may hazard a thought about your style and maybe about where you grew up. If a person grew up in an extremely rich and sophisticated family, the way he’d/she’d dress would reflect that income level and that way of thinking.

This is the reason why, in today’s age where people are so eager to judge, styling yourself becomes so important. When your first impression comes from the shoes you are wearing, or whether your dress is bling, then it pays to work on your appearance to help you move forward. Also, do not underestimate how good clothes can make you feel. Wearing clothes to enhance your appearance is a different outlook as compared to wearing clothes just for the heck of it, and that little bit of care you put in, can go a long way in helping you make a good impression, whether it be for a job, or for any small thing.


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