Congratulations! You’ve landed yourself a second date. Now, of course, the issue of creative date ideas pops up. How to keep them interested, not bored, and still into you, all at the same time? Thankfully, one of these factors can be crossed off the list – if you scored that second date, they are into you. Stop worrying.

Keeping them into you has much more to do with you than what you do on your second date. However, there are some traps to watch out for. Avoid anything involving a big group, or anything that prevents talking to each other (save those trips to the movies for later in the relationship). Other than that, pretty much everything is fair game. Read on for our favorite creative date ideas, sure to keep both of you entertained, having fun, and on the road to a third date!

Cooking Classes

While these are picking up speed as first-date venues, they’ve been classics for second and third date destinations for years. There’s a good reason for this – cooking together is sexy! Not only do you learn a new skill, but there are tons of opportunities to feed each other. You can sign up to learn a more common dish or technique (like grilling), or take yourselves completely out of your comfort zone by signing up for fiery Thai cuisine lessons. It’s a delicious way to ensure that third date!

Outdoor Activities

Single, paired up or in a group, there’s something energizing about being outside. If your date isn’t necessarily the athletic type, there are still loads of second date ideas you can use to secure that third date. Take your cues from the weather. Walks and hikes are great during any season (in cold climates, be sure you date is up to donning layers of warm clothing!). Try to pick a local destination they haven’t already visited.

Walking Shelter Dogs

Yes, you read that correctly! This is one of our very favorite creative date ideas. It’s totally unexpected, compassionate and surprisingly fun, all at the same time. You’ll need to be sure beforehand that your date doesn’t have a lurking dog phobia. Other than that, all you need is a computer, a phone and a day! Some shelters don’t even require you to sign up – they’ll take walk-in volunteers. Walking shelter dogs is a service every shelter needs; their volunteers are already overworked. As you help out your community, you get the chance to have fun with some adorable furry playmates and actually talk to each other! Ask about your date’s childhood pets. This is a topic nearly everybody loves talking about, and it will put them in a happy, nostalgic mood – a stellar way to ensure that third date!

Surf the Art District

If you live in the city, chances are good that there’s a vibrant art community not too far away. You may already know it – loads of tiny, boutique art galleries packed onto a few streets. These districts make incredible second date ideas because of the variety. Your taste in art may be extremely opposite – she likes paint splatters, you like dogs playing poker. Hopping from gallery to gallery, however, gives you both a chance to see something you like and, even more important, talk about what you see. Unless you happen to say something incredibly offensive about her favorite style or artist, this is a great way to enhance your third date chances!



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