If you’re searching for the best first date ideas out there, you’ve found them all! We’ve all had an awkward first date or two, and they’re no fun at all. Sure, it’s comes with the territory, but there’s that I-don’t-really-know-you type of awkwardness, and then there’s the level of awkwardness that makes you run screaming for the hills. The latter, you want to avoid.

Thankfully, with some fun planning, you can come up with amazingly easy first date ideas that are guaranteed to make an impression – a good one! Read on for our favorite ideas and leave those awkward first date memories in the dust.

The Flight Dinner Date

You’ve probably seen flights already – they’re becoming extremely popular in fine chocolates, wines, and even craft beers. You’re given a set of edibles (or drinkables) which complement each other, in order. The flight dinner takes this concept and applies it to dining out. Have your apps at one restaurant, your entree at another, dessert someplace else, then finish the night off with drinks someplace truly spectacular. It’s not as hard as it sounds, provided you pick spots which don’t leave your stomach growling between courses. Better still, it’s a great first date idea because it gives you much more time to get to know each other, plus the feeling that you’re on your own little adventure. Win-win!

A deliciously indulgent tweak on the Flight Dinner date is the all-dessert Flight Dinner date. Obviously, this is only for the most die-hard dessert lovers, but if that’s you, what’s not to love about sampling the finest sugary goodness your town has to offer?

Ride On

If you both enjoy the outdoors, revive a favorite dating activity of bygone eras – bike riding! As first date ideas go, this is probably one your sweetie has never been on before, which automatically makes you stand out as something special. No bikes? No problem – most major cities and bike paths offer rentals at extremely affordable prices. Be sure to pick someplace beautiful and scenic, and take plenty of rest stops to chat. Finish up your evening by hitting a nice restaurant or – if you’re cooking skills are up to it – pack a cooler full of goodies for a picnic! Since you’re going to be very alone together, this could turn into an awkward first date, so we suggest trying it with somebody you know at least a little bit.

Festival of Romance

Whatever their age, everybody is a bit of a kid at heart – and what kid doesn’t love fairs and festivals? Whether it’s an artsy outdoor festival or an old-fashioned county fair, they bring out the kid in all of us – and kids love to have a good time. Check your city’s website for upcoming events, and plan your first date ideas accordingly. Be sure to totally indulge – this means every calorie-laden treat, every ride, and every game – although not necessarily in that order! If there’s a concert or fireworks display offered at the end of the evening, be sure to take advantage. As a bonus, it’s practically impossible to have an awkward first date when there is so much activity going on around you.


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