When a couple goes dating, they intend to strengthen their relationship so that it may possibly lead to marriage. Sometimes it may not work out well, and the couple ends in break up.  There are  plenty of challenges, which a couple may face during dating, which can affect their relation in a negative way.  Below are the types of challenges to expect when dating:

  • Through the use of online dating, prospects for dates are increased, which makes it harder to choose from the mass.
  • If one leads a busy work life, he or she may spend half of the time on the date answering phone calls or texting to work acquaintances.
  • This may lead to a misunderstanding between the couple.
  • The children of a more mature couple can often object to the dates of their single parent, thus it can be a real challenge in accepting them to the relationship.
  • In many countries with multi-religions or races, inter-racial or inter-religion relations are sure to face challenges both from their families, and also from their societies.
  • Differing diets may cause issues whilst dating including allergies and sensitivities. It is good to bring these issues up in the early stages of the relationship so that you can both enjoy your meals at various venues.
  • People have different expectations during dating phases. By discussing expectations amongst each other, can minimize conflict later on.
  • Employment can be a challenge in any relationship, this can aid in resolving financial matters during the course of the relationship.
  • Families and friends of each party may be opinionated in those that you date. Ensure that you discuss with those concerned to open the lines of communication.

Throughout your dating phase, you will face many of these challenges, but if the both of you are equally interested in building the relationship, give good communication and commitment you are sure to overcome all barriers and strengthen your relationship together.


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