Leading an organization to success definitely requires exceptional leadership skills. Some individuals are born leaders whereas some other individuals develop crucial leadership skills during various phases of the career.

What distinguishes a manager from a great leader? A great leader motivates you and leads you towards success. Here is a list of top 5 qualities that make a great leader.

Courage: A great leader is courageous and hence he is able to take a stand when the situation demands it. A leader takes responsibility of his actions and thinks about various aspects that will determine the outcome of any situation. He considers the benefit of the organization instead of just considering the benefit of any individual or a group. A leader never falls prey to pressure; he stands up and faces it.

Responsibility: A great leader takes complete responsibility of his actions. You will not find leaders passing the buck when there is a mistake. Leaders understand that no business can be run perfectly. They understand that mistakes are bound to happen and one should be responsible enough to shoulder these mistakes and pave the road ahead. They never shirk their responsibility. They stand up for their team and even own up for their team’s mistakes.

Communication:  A great leader is able to communicate his thoughts and beliefs through his actions. You don’t have to be an excellent speaker to be a great leader but you should have the ability to put your words into actions. Your employees are going to look up to you and emulate you hence you must practice what you preach. A great leader is a people person. They have the ability to connect to the junior- most employees in the organization. He does not demand respect rather his actions and behaviour commands respect. A great leader sets an example in front of his team through his actions and words.

Patience: Great leaders are the Rock of Gibraltar. They do not flinch even in the most challenging situations. They have a great amount of patience and they exercise patience and generosity in all situations. They create effective leaders under them because of their patience to teach and to observe. They will never bow down to pressure or challenge rather they will patiently calculate all the elements of the situation and then try to find the most plausible solution to the problem.  They are patient with their employees and stake holders too.

Humility:  Great leaders are firmly grounded. They never let success get to their head.  They believe that the tree that stands tall must have its roots deep within the ground. They believe in giving credit to people for their work. They are generous in rewarding good work publicly at the same time they will never criticize you publicly. They respect every individual’s self-dignity and hence they always appreciate the employees publicly and give them feedback personally.

A great leader may exhibit more qualities however the above mentioned five qualities are the most essential ones.


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