Many people, both men and women do not always express their feelings through words.  Either they are too shy to speak or simply do not have the ability to phrase their words so that it is understandable. For these people, you need to take notice of their facial expressions and/or their actions to see whether they are interested or not.

Here are a few tell tale signs to help you decide whether someone has an interest in you:

  • When you find the person in question is secretly glancing at you very often, you may rightly conclude that he/she is interested in knowing you better.
  • The opposite sex who likes you, will smile at you whenever he/she catches your eyes; even if that person is focusing on other things.
  • If that person is truly in love with you, they will be very protective of you and will try to deter you from all problems. They will go to any lengths to help you out of any sticky situation.
  • Men mostly try to make his love interest understand their mind through their body languages; like leaning towards her while talking or trying to be near her whenever possible.
  • When a person tends to speak very often to that particular person, it is usually an obvious sign that they are interested in them.
  • When a person really likes you, he/she will notice every little change of your appearance and will comment on it; most often or not it will be a compliment.
  • If the person makes an effort to spend as much time with you as possible under any circumstance, it is a sure tell tale sign that they’re interested in you.
  • Friends are usually the first people who have an insight into love interests; therefore the attitude of his/her friends towards you can surely signal you about the mindset of that person. Like a broader smile on seeing you or a meaningful exchange of glances between themselves in your presence are enough for you to get the correct indication.
  • When a person falls in love, he/she is sure to feel jealous if faced with a competition in love. Even any sign of other people taking similar interest in you will enrage that person outright.
  • If a person is madly in love with you, he /she will be ready to do anything for your sake and be always beside you even when no one else may prefer to do so.

When a person really loves you and intends to make you the life partner, he/she will tend to introduce you to his/her family and friends, and treat you in a special way. Hence even if you are not told directly if the opposite sex is in love with you, you can always tell it by reading these obvious signs of love.


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