Some techniques to lose weight can’t even be called diets – they’re simply ridiculous and dangerous ways to drop pounds. Read on for some of the scariest. These should never be tried by anybody, at any time, for any reason.


Restricting your intake to the point where you’re consuming less than 800 calories per day is known as a starvation diet. Patients with anorexia feel compelled to do this, usually combining this low intake with excessive exercise. However, an alarming number of young people and adults are restricting their calories as a type of hard-core dieting. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it doesn’t work – the weight comes back as soon as you begin to eat normally.

Tongue Patches

This technique, developed by a California plastic surgeon, has yet to be approved by the FDA. The idea is simple – a plastic patch is surgically attached to the tongue using stitches. This patch makes it so painful to eat that patients either fast or switch to liquid-only diets. The patches are a short-term solution, making them dangerously attractive solutions for those wanting to lose weight quickly for a dance or wedding.

Tube Feeding

Typically reserved for those who are injured and unable to eat normally, tube feeding has become a trendy way to drop pounds fast. It’s usually taken up by those seeking to drop pounds quickly, including brides, high-school students going to dances and professional models or dancers. A tube is inserted through the nose, down the esophagus and into the stomach. Dieters are “fed” a liquid diet which usually amounts to about 800 calories per day. While this type of limited nourishment is safe for hospital and hospice patients who are inactive and being closely monitored by doctors, it’s extremely unsafe for dieting.


While not a true medical or psychological term, this word has been used in recent years for people who develop disordered eating patterns which revolve around or depend upon drinking. Some drink to excess in order to throw up and purge themselves of calories. Others exercise excessively either before or after a night of drinking in order to work off the calories – food restriction is also common. Still others fast for days leading up to a night of heavy drinking in order to ‘save’ their calories for alcohol. However it occurs, this cluster of disordered eating patterns is dangerous and can lead to a wide variety of health issues, combining the dangers of anorexia, bulimia and binge drinking.

Excessive Exercise

While this behavior is most commonly seen in anorexics, some people engage in excessive exercise while eating normally. This is less dangerous than anorexia, but still carries big risks. Excessive exercise is not a healthy workout, or even the strict schedules kept by professional athletes or marathon runners. Instead, it is characterized by a compulsive need to exercise as much as possible, often without any type of plan or goal. Using this method of dieting may lead to weight loss, but also often leads to fainting, heart issues and confused thinking due to exhaustion and dehydration.


Stimulant drugs have been used for years to suppress appetite and drive weight loss, but they are almost universally regarded as unsafe unless prescribed and monitored by a doctor. Types of stimulants vary, and include drugstore, prescription and illegal varieties. A wide range of side effects can occur with stimulant use, ranging from the annoying (nervousness) to the tragic (heart attack and stroke).

What to Try Instead

The best and most time-honored methods of losing weight are extremely simple – combine a balanced diet with a sensible amount of exercise. You’ve heard it so many times because it works! Not only does it result in steady, safe amounts of weight loss, but it’s sustainable because you don’t feel deprived.


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