It is easy to think that vegetarians got themselves a pretty bad deal. After all, just think about all the beef burgers and steaks and chicken wings that they are missing out…and by choice, to boot!

Well, you might be laughing now, but chances are vegetarians (and vegans) are likely to have the last laugh. This is because they tend to be a lot healthier overall and, in turn, will likely live longer than the average meat-eater. Those who subsist on this kind of diet simply enjoy a hell of a lot more health perks, which really is a great reason to seriously consider incorporating this sort of discipline into your diet.

Clinical studies have shown that vegetarians have lower blood pressure and have a considerably less chance of heart disease. Not only that, they also have a lower risk of acquiring diabetes and, best of all, cancer. Vegetarians are also naturally protected from a multitude of other illnesses, and it is easier for them to maintain a healthy weight.

Suffice it to say, vegetarians have a really great thing going for them. But if these wonderful health benefits are still not enough to get you to seriously consider this sort of diet, well, you will be surprised to know that the benefits do not end there. Consider:

 1. You will age better.

You might not know it, but plants are basically nature’s “beauty” foods. Scores and scores of plant food are jam-packed with anti-aging nutrients. So while this might not exactly be foremost on your mind when you commit to a vegetarian diet, it is certainly a lovely bonus! Just imagine how much money and time you will save when you no longer have to use synthetic beauty products and fancy creams.

 2. It saves water.

Consider this: it takes 133 gallons of water to produce a serving of meat from start to finish. Now, compare that with just two to five gallons of water for most plant food. Just imagine how much water you are saving the earth! This is especially important these days because the world’s water levels are currently at an all-time low – case in point, the drought in the entire state of California. So by switching to a vegetarian diet, you are not only saving yourself, but you are also doing your part in saving the world.

3. Calorie-counting will become a thing of the past.

This is possibly one of the most liberating things about a vegetarian diet – you do not really have to strictly watch what you eat because everything you are eating is good for you. So you will no longer feel the need to control your portions, or count calories. Basically, you will be almost completely guilt-free, which is really a great kind of freedom to have.

 4. It is cost-effective in the long run.

It might seem like some plant food cost more than conventional meat, but do not be misled by this notion. Cheap meat is usually laced with hormones and has been processed with all sorts of chemicals, setting you up for a myriad of health problems in the future. If you opt for a vegetarian diet, however, you will find yourself saving a great deal on medical costs, which is really the kind of long-term savings that you should seriously want and aspire to have.


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