There are many ways to separate a real man from an overgrown boy. How he handles the rejection that comes from having his text messages or calls ignored by a woman is one of those. There will be guys who will take it badly. There may be tears, and a hell of a lot of bitterness. But on the other hand, there will also be guys confident enough in their own skin to just grin and bear it and eventually move on.

So exactly how does The Confident Man handle having his best efforts at communication spurned, or worse, ignored? Let’s take a look at his mindset.

The Confident Man gives her the benefit of the doubt.

She may really be busy, or sick, or out of town. She may have really lost her phone, or misplaced his number. No matter how shady her reasons are, The Confident Man will take the lady’s word for it – but not without a grain of salt. Because as much as he endeavors to see the best in people, The Confident Man is nowhere near being a pushover. He is, however, well-rounded enough to know when something is amiss…and do something about it.

The Confident Man will try again.

If he really likes a lady, he gives it another shot, or several. As a matter of fact, The Confident Man is not averse to upping his game. He may increase the frequency of his messages and phone calls. He may send flowers, ask her out again and again, and maybe even ensure that their paths will cross, one way or another. However, he is not, in any way, pushy or overbearing about it because if there’s one thing that The Confident Man isn’t, it’s needy and annoying.

The Confident Man finds out the real score.

He makes it a point to know what’s going on because he needs to know exactly when to keep going and when to back off. More often than not, he is secure in himself to ask the lady outright because he knows he will be able to handle her verdict, one way or another. The Confident Man believes that knowing is so much better than just wondering and being unsure of where he stands. So he is brave enough to take the plunge and find out the truth for himself and for his own peace of mind.

The Confident Man accepts defeat graciously.

As we said, The Confident Man knows that he can handle any outcome that comes his way. And in the face of rejection, he will accept defeat with much aplomb. This is because it is not in The Confident Man’s nature to wallow in bitterness and spite. Rather, he will treat whatever comes his way with respect and acceptance.

The Confident Man gets back in the game.

Because of his lack of bitterness, it is easier for The Confident Man to get back on the horse after he has fallen. He knows how to move on, and does it spectacularly. Whatever fears he may have, he faces head on.

All in all, The Confident Man is a pragmatist who knows and accepts that “it is what it is.” And it is that mindset that all men should aspire to.


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