You will be surprised to know that most of us spend 70% of our day either thinking about our past or our future. We miss out on the joys of being present in the moment. Living in the moment is all about living like there is no tomorrow. Why should we focus on it? Why is so important? Well if these questions are running in your mind right now, then let us simply look at the reasons for mastering the art of being present in the moment.

It Releases your Worries

When you live in the moment, you forget about what others are thinking or saying about you. You become content and happy. When you master the art of being present in the moment, you tend to let go of your past failures or past glory. You don’t compare your present situation with your past or future and hence you tend to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

You Start Noticing Beauty Around You

When you live just in the moment, you start noticing how beautiful and amazing the world is. It will change your way of looking at things and people. You will be in a position to enjoy the smallest things in life. When you live in the moment, something as mundane as taking a walk also turns out to be a pleasurable experience.

You Become Focused

When you realize that this is the only moment you have, you become focused in life and things.  One of biggest signs of living in the moment is that you focus on the task at hand instead of multitasking. It will help you becoming more effective and efficient in life. When you focus on any task and you immerse yourself in it, you will start enjoying the task.

You Become Thankful

The moment you realize this is the moment you have, you become thankful towards everyone, people and nature. It will help you to diminish your ego.  It makes you realize the vastness of this universe. Living in the moment helps you to count your blessings. It teaches you to appreciate the joys in the small things.

It Makes You Smile

Realizing every moment, living just in the moment will make you smile. It will not only keep your body healthy but people around you will like you for the wonderful and cheerful person you will become.  Your habit of smiling will help you in creating a positive image about yourself. You will be able to spread joy and warmth. People will look forward to interacting with you.

Living in the present is an art. You need to make conscious efforts to learn and practice it. Initially you may find it challenging to let go of your past, however gradually you will get used to it. Being in the present will help you in becoming a better and happier person. Take a holistic approach towards life and master the art of being present.


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