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“Great start to the first meet up, ideal venue the enthusiasm was excellent, keep up the good work.”Greg, Brisbane|Australia


“Good ice breakers, something different, I think most who came with an open attitude, got out of it what they expected. Good clean fun with other singles, looking forward to more meets, and hopefully see similar and new faces.”Roberto, Brisbane|Australia


“Good fun, lots of laugh,really enjoyed the games. Thank you very much for organising the event. Keep it up!”Sandy, Brisbane|Australia


“Loved getting out and doing something different. The Cube was really interesting.” Anna, Brisbane|Australia


“Pretty cool ice breakers, throw in something that has to do with music too..thnx to the hosts for having us! Nice to have meet you all.”Amr, Brisbane|Australia


“I found it really good and run very well!”Katrina, Brisbane|Australia


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