Looking to take the plunge and sign up for a more formal way of meeting people? You’re not alone! The success of Table for Six is proof positive that there are loads of people out there searching for a connection. Read on for our best tips on how to navigate a very unique and enjoyable singles event.

What is Table for Six?

Simply put, Table for Six is a dating service. Unlike those boring, same-old same-old services you may have tried in the past, however, Table for Six seeks to bring people together based on shared interests in a relaxed, fun setting. Table for Six offers other events, but their namesake events are quite literal – six people (three women and three men) are seated at a delicious, relaxed table – what happens from there is entirely up to you and your companions!


How to Make the Most of It

It’s natural to be nervous before any singles event, but try as hard as you can to settle your nerves before a Table for Six dinner. Being relaxed will not only add to your enjoyment, but it’s contagious and will help put your dinner companions at ease. Relaxation is perhaps the most important of all dinner dating tips. You only have a short time to make a connection, and nobody is at their best when they’re anxious. Taking a few deep breaths and relaxing will allow you to truly enjoy the experience.

Another of our favorite dinner dating tips is to talk with everybody. This includes companions of the same gender. If a man comes to this type of singles event and only chats up the women, he risks being seen as only out for one thing. While it’s obvious that nearly everybody there is looking for romance, being equally gracious to all guests paints you as a polite, personable guy who everybody (especially the ladies) will want to get to know.

Dress to Impress

While Table for Six events are casual and relaxed, most require a bit more than jeans and flip-flops. Call ahead to confirm the specific atmosphere of each event, and be sure to dress accordingly. Don’t go overboard, however – a tuxedo will do nothing but paint you as desperate to impress. Express your personal style in an event-appropriate way, and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.


Give and Take

At any singles event, it’s important to have already mastered the art of conversation. In today’s increasingly digital world, this is quickly becoming a lost art, so brush up your skills and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Your first step is to ask questions. People love to talk and, naturally, they especially love talking about their interests. Ask about their jobs, their travels, their hobbies – virtually anything goes. It’s always a good idea to steer clear of topics that are likely to start a heated debate, however. This is why discussions about religion and politics are often left out of dinner parties.

While it’s essential to ask questions and get to know your dinner companions, be sure to open up and talk about yourself as well. After all, you’re there to get to know one another! Don’t be boastful, but avoid putting yourself down as well. Strike a balance between that shows your humble side while still letting people know of your accomplishments and interests.

Have Fun!

This is the universal rule for making the most of any social situation. If you don’t meet your soul mate, don’t write off the evening as a loss – remember that dating is a numbers game! As a bonus, people will notice your laid-back attitude and automatically be drawn to you.


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