Singles Bar Hopping Brisbane


Chat The Night Away With Singles Who You May Never Spoken to Otherwise


SATURDAY 21ST SEPT 2019 @ 7:30 PM


[AGE 30 – 49]

Male Ticket

Sat 21st Sept 2019



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Bar Hop – Male [Age 30 – 49] $37

Includes one complimentary drink

Female Ticket

Sat 21st Sept 2019


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Bar Hop – Female [Age 30 - 49] $37 Sold Out

Includes one complimentary drink

Explore 3 Mystery Bars And Mingle Through The Night With Like Minded Singles


A Natural Way to Meet, Flirt and Have Fun With Singles of Brisbane

Mystery Bar 1

A venue that evokes a sense of history & storytelling, it boasts a massive space filled floor to ceiling glass doors revealing their own microbrewery. It’s design inspired by an infamous, yet charismatic rogue convict-turned brewer.

Mystery Bar 2

A swanky balcony bar located inside a hotel, the main highlight is their stylish poolside lounge where guest can enjoy tapas style dinner & drinks. Glass lanterns with tall lit candles lined the featured blue pool with a chic white bar on either end.

Mystery Bar 3

A rooftop bar where you take in the most spectacular, panoramic views of the Brisbane River, city & beyond. Perfect north-easterly aspect enables enjoyment day to night & operable roof further enhances the intoxicating subtropical luxe feel.

Gentlemen Now You Can Simply Meet Single Women in Brisbane Without The Fear of Being Rejected


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$37 Per Person | Saturday 21st Sept 2019




  • Includes one complimentary drink

Ladies, Meet Single Men in Brisbane The Natural Way, No More Dealing With Fake Online Dating Profiles


Ladies, Book Your Ticket Now And Let Us Find Your Gentleman


$37 Per Person | Saturday 21st Sept 2019


Sold Out


  • Includes one complimentary drink

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Ladies, Get Started On Your Journey of Personal  Transformation Today!


What do I get out of this event?
  • Make new friends & get connected.
  • Check out some amazing new and existing bars in Brisbane.
  • Mingle with lots of like minded singles who are fun and friendly that loves to chat.
  • You get the opportunity to meet someone you like.
  • It will build your communication and people skills.
What happens if I am late?

Saturday night will be BUSY! Make sure you arrive on time so you don’t miss the group.  If you arrive much later than 8:00 pm, there is a contact number you can call to see where we are. Best not to be late, so you can enjoy and make the most of your night meeting other singles.

Can I go by myself?

YES! You CAN come along by yourself and LOTS of people do. You won’t be alone for very long though! Find your event host and the group and say ‘hi’ and you will make new friends in no time.

What is your dress code?

The secret sauce is Dress to Impress! Who knows you may meet someone that you like. When you dress to impress, you feel confident and alive. We suggest to dress ‘smart casual’ as a MINIMUM dress standard, as some venues MAY require collared shirts and dress shoes for gents.

Can I bring my friend along?

Yes, as long as your friend has a ticket. You can book for him or her as long it is in the correct order. We would like to make the numbers as equal as possible between males and females, so please don’t book the wrong ticket.

When is the last booking?

The last booking will be 10 days before the event starts. For example if the event starts on 24th Nov, the last booking will be on a 14th Nov at 11:30 pm. Generally people book early to take advantage of the early bird booking rate.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel. It would be great if you let us know 5 days before the event. This allows us time to find someone else to take your place. This will makes it fair for those who do show up and do have someone to chat to. You will also get a refund. However if you cancel a night before or on the day, you won’t get a refund. Please be organize and book it if you can attend or you know your schedule ahead of time. This way it makes it fair for everybody.

Where do we meet?

Once you book the ticket, you will receive the details and the location of the meeting point. 3 days before the event, we will send you a reminder just in case. So please check your junk mail in case it goes in there.

Are all bar hopping the same?

No, there are hundreds of bars in Brisbane and new ones keeps popping up, all our bar hop will never be the same. This is good because it will never be boring and you always meet someone new.

What is the difference between Speed Dating and Singles Bar Hopping Event?

Bar hopping is where you get to freely chat to like minded singles who attends as long or shortest as you want. You get to explore the best bars that Brisbane has to offer, chat or flirt the night away with no pressure in a safe social environment. Speed dating can be intense for some (not at Social Mingles 😉 since it involves 5-7 minute conversations before you rotate to the next person. It can be daunting since there is a lot of pressure to think of things to talk about or try to create that first likeable impression.

Will I get matched?

If you and the other person/s get along very well, you can freely exchange contact details, this is what people do. This way it is less pressure, makes the night more enjoyable and natural. We recommend to do this as soon as possible just in case you might forget.

I am a bit shy, can I still go?

Yes, and more of a reason for you to go. This way it will get you out of your comfort zone and out of the house. Don’t worry, you won’t be shy for long since there are lots of things to do throughout the night not just meeting other singles. If you feel more comfortable by talking to us, please come over and say hi. We will introduce you to other singles, this way it create less pressure on your end.

Will there be fun activities and games?

Most definitely yes ;-). It makes the night fun and social. There will be bar games and singles games to play to break the ice. However there are some people prefer just to chat and that is still ok.

An Opportunity to Make New Friends or Find That Special Person

Gents, Book Your Ticket Now


$37 Per Person




  • Includes one complimentary drink

An Opportunity to Make New Friends or Find That Special Person

Ladies, Book Your Ticket Now

$37 Per Person


Sold Out


  • Includes one complimentary drink