The Escape Room Brisbane Singles Event Age 30 – 45


A New Exciting Experience For Singles To Meet


SATURDAY 29TH JUNE 2019 @ 7:30 PM

Male Ticket

Sat 29th June 2019

[Final Booking: Wed 19th June 2019]

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Female Ticket

Sat 29th June 2019

[Final Booking: Wed 19th June 2019]

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3 Escape Rooms


A Social Event That Are Filled With Fun, Laughter & Brings Singles Together Without The Awkwardness

The Red Manor

A dull pounding of pain rocks through the back of your head. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, your memory starts to return. Suddenly a scratchy voice cuts through the blackness. “Welcome, to The Red Manor”. Lucky you’re not alone, it’s going to take teamwork to escape this nightmare.


You’re part of a team of investigators on the trail of a serial killer. You’re so close to identifying the culprit, but they know it. Scour the scene for hidden clues and solve mathematical problems to solve this investigation. Can you catch the killer before they get you?

The Garden

You are dreaming of a better time, the wind is flowing through your hair and the sweet smell of flowers kiss you on the nose. It all seems too good to be true…Then it dawns on you. This is not a dream. Can you explore the mysteries of your own childhood to escape this enchanted place?

Gentlemen Now You Can Simply Meet Single Women in Brisbane Without The Fear of Being Rejected


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$55 Per Person | Saturday 29th June 2019

[Final Booking: Wed 19th June 2019]

Ladies, Meet Single Men in Brisbane The Natural Way, No More Dealing With Insincere Online Dating Profiles


Ladies, Book Your Ticket Now And Let Us Find Your Gentleman


$55 Per Person | Saturday 29th June 2019

[Final Booking: Wed 19th June 2019]


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an immersive, real-life, puzzle solving and storytelling experience. A small team is locked inside a themed room and must solve riddles, clues and puzzles to uncover the story and open the final door to escape from the room.

How long does an Escape Room go for?

Your experience begins with a half an hour briefing and your team has 50 minutes to try and complete the game. There is an extra 10 minutes at the end of your experience to get a photo with your score and collect your belongings.

Do you get to mingle after The Escape Room?

Yes, after you complete The Escape Room, you will be at the bar mingling with other singles about your experience and anything you like. Feel free to exchange each others contact details.

Can I get help if I need it?

Of course. If you do get stuck on a puzzle, you will have ways to acquire sneaky hints while you’re locked away and nobody will know. You will also have a phone available inside the room to call our Escape Room Expert for any extra help you may need.

What if I’m not smart?

Yes, this is a very frequently asked question. Don’t worry! It’s all in good fun.
Our Escape Room Experts have found that ‘smart’ is very open to interpretation in escape rooms. One person might be really good at solving maths puzzles, one person might be really good at finding hidden objects and one person might be best at spotting the really obvious clues right in front of your nose.

What do I get out of this event?
  • Make new friends & get connected.
  • Mingle with lots of like minded singles who are fun and friendly that loves to chat.
  • You get the opportunity to meet someone you like.
  • It will build your communication and people skill.
  • Fun and exciting experiences bringing you laughter with other singles.
  • A place where everyone thrives on mystery, thrills and suspense.
  • Learn how to work in a team environment.
  • A self-discovery learning experience whilst gaining self-confidence that you thought you never had.
  • Learn how to solve problems, mysteries and puzzles with like minded singles.
  • Fun and interactive environment where you meet interesting people and gain new friends.
  • Gain some team building skills along the way.
What happens if I am late?

Sorry if you are late, you won’t allow into the Escape Room. Please be organize and show up on time.

Can I go by myself?

YES! You CAN come along by yourself and LOTS of people do. You won’t be alone for very long though! It is extremely easy for you to make new friends. 

What is your dress code?

The secret sauce is Dress to Impress! Who knows you may meet someone that you like. When you dress to impress, you feel confident and alive. We suggest to dress ‘smart casual’ as a MINIMUM dress standard.

Can I bring my friend along?

Yes, as long as your friend has a ticket. You can book for him or her as long it is in the correct order. We would like to make the numbers as equal as possible between males and females, so please don’t book the wrong ticket.

When is the last booking?

The last booking will be 10 days before the event starts. For example if the event starts on 24th Nov, the last booking will be on a 14th Nov at 11:30 pm.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel before the cut off date which is 10 days before the event starts. However if you cancel after the 10 days, you won’t get a refund. You need to sell your ticket to your friend. Please be organize and book it if you can attend or you know your schedule ahead of time. This way it makes it fair for everybody.

Where do we meet?

Once you book the ticket, you will receive the details and the location of the meeting point. 3 days before the event, we will send you a reminder just in case. So please check your junk mail in case it goes in there.

I am a bit shy, can I still go?

Yes, and more of a reason for you to go. This way it will get you out of your comfort zone and out of the house. Don’t worry, you won’t be shy for long since there are lots of things to do throughout the night not just meeting other singles.