Be it men or women; perfumes and fragrances always have a charming effect of their own. Scent is one of the most powerful influences to everyone. Smells can bring back fond memories and romantic feelings. Remember the first perfume you bought for your mom, your dad or your boyfriend?

These are really powerful and certain perfumes do attract men more than the others. So keep aside your cakes, pastries and music, it is the perfumes that attract men most.

Vanilla: It is one of the most attractive perfumes to men. For centuries vanilla has been used as an aphrodisiac. It reduces stress and acts as a libido enhancer. It is so relaxing that it turns on the mood for warmth and indulgence.

Lavender: Men are huge fan of the lavender smell. It is rated as the most popular perfume among men. Lavender is a powerful mood relaxer, romantic perfume, along with a comforting scent to which men are always attracted.

Sandalwood: It is really warming, which is inviting and thus men finds it attractive.

Jasmine: It is another popular scent among men. It is very light as compared to many which are strong and harsh. It is light, romantic and is indeed quietly lovely.

Well the right cologne or perfume can even turn your woman on. At the end of the day, smelling “right” to a woman is what will attract her to you the most. So here are some of the smells that work well for women.

Strawberry: Weather on plate or in the perfume bottle, strawberries is always attractive for women. Women love the smell of strawberry. The aroma sets the mood and takes one into a deep ecstasy.

Aftershave: Old Spice, Gillette Nivea, the smell of aftershave lotions has always attracted women. The aroma has always been very enchanting for every women.

Patchouli: It smells awesome. It really awakens spirits and provokes women into romantic and indulgent moods.

Chocolate: No woman on this planet can resist the smell of chocolates. It enhances a woman’s mood and creates a charm around her.

Mint: A lot of women want their men to smell and taste like minty toothpaste. Peppermint is believed to help women stay awake, alert and energized. It really turns women on.

Cucumber: Cucumber has proved its effectiveness in turning women on. It’s very common cologne that people have in their bathrooms. It gives a refreshing and a cool essence.

Well so have fun and see which is the best perfume that turns your men on or is the most attractive for your women.


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