Whether you’re seeking a flexible schedule or just want to earn money until something opens up in your chosen field, finding great online jobs is surprisingly easy to do. Pay varies depending the experience, availability and, of course, the job itself. Read on for some of the best opportunities to earn real money while sitting around in your pajamas.


There are tutors needed for virtually every subject you can think of, and some of these gigs can be quite lucrative. Pay increases if you hold a degree in the subject you tutor, and some subjects have more need than others. Tutors for math, science and other STEM subjects, for example, are far more highly in demand these days than they were just a few short years ago. Other popular subjects include basics like English. If you’re fluent in a foreign language, you can make surprisingly great money by offering your skills to students.


Perhaps one of the greatest under-rated jobs of all time, translation can be done from home with nothing but an internet connection and a thorough knowledge of at least two languages. Some gigs are smaller and pay less, such as tutoring, but they are plentiful and a great way to fill gaps in your income. Other opportunities, such as translating documents or even televised events, pay much more and can easily turn into a career. If you’re not 100% fluent in your second (or third, or fourth) language, polish your skills as much as possible to offer the best services to your clients. You may also want to contact ethnic centers in your area – these organizations often know of translation jobs which are rarely (if ever) advertised.

Virtual Assisting

The economy still isn’t great for everybody, regardless of what you might hear on the evening news. Many people are still hurting or at least pinched financially, and seeking innovative ways to cut costs. For many professionals, the in-house assistants they used to employ were laid off when the recession hit. Those services, however, are still needed. If you have any type of experience in administrative assisting or clerical work, check out job options as a virtual assistant. You’ll do precisely what you would do in an office – answer phone calls, weed through and respond to emails, arrange small errands – but all from the comfort of home. Employers will appreciate the luxury of having an assistant but without the higher costs of giving that assistant an office or even a desk. Be sure you have a reliable internet connection and are familiar with all common office PC applications before applying.

Product Testers

While the huge money promised by spam emails is simply not going to happen, recent graduates can supplement their income nicely by sampling and testing products for major companies. Check online – most of the legitimate gigs come from companies you’ve heard of, and the majority host in-person testing sessions which typically last from one to three hours.

Survey Takers

Another niche with a massive amount of spam weighing it down, there truly are companies out there who will pay you to take surveys and give opinions. Get online and check out each company before you hand over any information or even sign up for emails. The money isn’t huge, but it can add up to handy pocket change if participate regularly.

Customer Service

Rarely a career but often a stop-gap measure, at-home customer service is a great gig for those with stellar people skills. These jobs hire you to strap on a headset and answer calls from customers. Positions range from technical support (these generally pay the highest wages and require the most knowledge) to general product questions to taking catalogue orders. If you have a pleasant speaking voice and are willing to put in the effort and hours, you can make from $20 – $25 dollars per hour, plus commission.


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