If you’ve ever experienced approach anxiety when trying to approach a pretty girl at a bar or party, you know first-hand just how annoying this particular type of anxiety can be. Thankfully, overcoming your fear of approaching women can begin with a single – and very powerful – step! Read on for a great anxiety technique for fighting this type of nervousness.

What is Approach Anxiety?

In the simplest terms, approach anxiety is the nervousness you feel when approaching – or getting ready to approach – a girl. You may feel tense, your palms might sweat, you may even feel dizzy – the symptoms are different for everybody. The result, unfortunately, is often the same – you either approach her in a poor way or give up altogether and walk away.

This response is triggered by poor self-image, low self esteem, the pain of past rejection, or a combination of all three.

Overcoming Anxiety

While it’s happening, the realities of approach anxiety may feel as though they’ll never go away. In reality, however, overcoming your fear of approaching women is far easier than you think!

The process is different for everybody, but there are a few great “firsts” you can try to take that frightening step.

Our best anxiety technique is extremely simple. It’s a thought process, and one which you can use over and over again until you achieve the results you desire. You may think this anxiety technique is too simple to work – and it is very simple. That, however, is it’s power! You don’t need to sit through seminars or go to therapy to overcome approach anxiety. You can overcome your fear of approaching women through a very simple anxiety technique.

Learning and Believing

Our anxiety technique is this – remember that it doesn’t really matter. That’s it! Yes, it’s simple. That’s the point. Think about it. If the girl you’re about to approach shoots you down, will it have a significant impact on your life? Will it affect your ability to feed, clothe and shelter yourself? Will your friends ditch you? Will anything truly horrible happen?

The answer is a resounding no. The only thing that will actually happen is that you won’t get her number. That’s it. You may choose to react to that reality in an extremely negative way, allowing it to feed your poor self-image and create more anxiety. Remember that it’s always your choice. You can turn a small incident into something life-changing (in a negative way) or you can brush it off as the very small incident it really is.

Remembering that it’s no big deal is really the secret to overcoming your fear of approaching women. This anxiety technique is deceptively simple in that you truly have to believe it in order for it to work. Practice this at home. Close your eyes and visualize yourself approach a girl. See her shutting you down – brutally! Now, see your life going on, and getting better. That’s the key. Seeing your life actually improving after a rejection (we should always see our lives as getting better, in any situation) is the biggest part of this anxiety technique. Think of all the great things that could happen if this particular girl says no. You could find a better one!

You could also dodge a bullet – she may have been a bit of a psycho. There are endless positive outcomes to even the most negative situations, and once you realize that, your approach anxiety will dramatically decrease.


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