Creating a minimalist-chic living space can seem like a challenge, since most of us live with at least some level of unnecessary clutter. While it’s not an overnight change, going minimalist is actually very simple. Here, we’ll take you through the major steps of minimalist living spaces.

Start Small

If you try to tackle an entire house or apartment at the same time, you’re more likely to burn out and give up. Instead, choose a small room to begin with, finish it, then move on to the next. Try your bedroom or bath as a place to begin.

Clear it Out

Your first step toward minimalist décor is to clear out everything that’s not absolutely necessary. Everything that’s not essential should be donated or stored. You’ll probably want to invest in a few new storage solutions for this step; they’ll be well worth the relatively small expense. When shopping for storage containers, clean lines and simple design are your guides.

Keep in mind that the most beautiful minimalist living spaces do include decorations, but they are few, far between and minimalist themselves in design. Translation – no cute pictures of teddy bears allowed!

Color Choices

There are no rules when it comes to creating a minimalist living space (it’s your home, after all). If you love bright red, go for it! Just keep it toned down.

If you don’t want bright color, think about the mood you want to evoke. Blues, browns and greens are great for a natural vibe. White is classic minimalist, with some extreme homes having no color whatsoever. White and black is also classic, with some silver or chrome thrown in for interest. White and beige, when tastefully combined with wood, can also look very elegant.

New Pieces

Once you’ve pared down a room to the bare necessities, you may want to reevaluate those necessities. An ornate, carved-wood bed frame can be gorgeous in many settings, but not in a minimalist boudoir! Try something which gives the appearance of sitting directly on the floor.

The same guidelines apply to pieces like couches, chairs and tables. Glass is a classic minimalist table-top material, but natural wood, granite and marble can look great as well. There’s no need to spend a fortune – many budget-friendly stores offer pieces that can be worked into a minimalist esthetic.

Keep On Evolving

Devotees of minimalist style decorate in this manner because they love the peaceful, serene feeling that minimalist décor evokes. Therefore, as you live with your new room for a while, you’ll probably notice that a few things are dragging down the overall ‘vibe’ of the space. Store or donate them as soon as you notice. This process will probably keep going for several months in each room you work on.

When one room is done to your satisfaction (and when your budget allows), it’s time to expand to another area of your home. Don’t worry about the time it may take – despite its bare appearance, a truly minimalist home is one of the hardest to create.

Take your time, choose colors and items with care, and before too long, you’ll have a minimalist home which looks professionally designed!


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