The mercury is on the rise and you must be wondering how to stay cool and look good this summer. Whatever maybe the season, a happy life needs a positive and healthy lifestyle. Well we are providing some tips for men to look good but more importantly, help them keep cool when the heat is on. So no matter what, where, or when the mercury hits you, you will always stay cool and look good.

  • Firstly choose the right fabric for your clothing. You must choose cotton, linen or other natural fibres that allows your body to breathe freely during the summer days. Long flowing and loose fitting clothes provide more comfort than shorts. A long robe promotes proper air circulation; just imagine how the Arabians stay cool in the burning deserts. The lighter the colours, the cooler it will be. Choose colors like white, camel, beige, and light shades of grey, blue and earth tones. These colours reflect the sun rays and keep you cool.
  • If you have a presentation or an important meeting you might consider going to the office in a t-shirt so that your suit does not get marred by your sweat. Remember to wear undershirts; it’ll keep the sweat from reaching your over shirt.
  • Always try to smell fresh during summer days. Regularly take refreshing bath, clean yourself with an aromatic soap and apply antiperspirants to reduce the amount of sweat. Besides, always carry a deodorant with you. We suggest leaving a stick of deodorant or antiperspirant at the office in case you need to apply more throughout the day.
  • Use sunglasses, hats or caps and sunscreens to help you stay cool. Do not think that sunscreen lotions are only to be used by women. Even men must use them on faces and hands to prevent sun burns and tans on their skins.
  • Always carry more than one handkerchief in your pocket. It comes very handy to wipe your sweat. For wiping and wetting; sometimes a damp cloth on the back of the neck is that fine line between genius and insanity.
  • Lastly, but most importantly consume a lot of H2O during summer days. Since the body gets dehydrated easily, water will help to lower your body temperature and will prevent you from dehydrating.

There are plenty of more tips and suggestions than might suit you better as an individual. These are generic tips that help to keep most men cool during the summer days. It’s all about your comfort and flexibility. As long as you are comfortable in an outfit and you are fresh from within you will always look cool, no matter whether it is summer or winter. Still feeling hot? Then take off your clothes, plunge into your swim suit and dive into the pool beside you. Enjoy the summer season!


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