First dates are tricky. Not only are they rife with the jitters, the logistics can also be quite tricky. One of the decisions that you will have to make is whether you should go for lunch, or have dinner together, or even just have coffee or drinks. After all, even when there is actually no rule set in stone when it comes to dates, propriety still dictates that there should be food and drinks involved; hence, the question of when.

So let us take a look at each option to see how they weigh in for any particular first date scenario.


If you think going for drinks or having coffee is too casual but find dinner to be too much of a commitment, then lunch is a great compromise. This is particularly great with blind dates because meeting in the middle of the day gives the promise of safety. Not only that, the daylight setup affords a more casual vibe. Best of all, you will have the rest of the afternoon stretching ahead of you. So you have the option to spend more time together, if you do connect, or just proceed with your day as planned, if things don’t go as well.

On the downside, lunch may seem a bit businesslike for some, like a job interview of sorts. So it is very important to work on keeping things casual and lighthearted. Not only that, there may be some time constraints to worry about, if you’re just going out on your lunch hour and need to go back to work. So if you’re going on a lunch date, schedule it on a weekend. After all, a first date is worthy of more than just your hour-long break from work.


Going for a coffee is great when you’re still just scoping each other out and quite unsure if you want to go on a longer date. This is also great, if you are dating on a budget. The downside is coffee – in general – will make your breath smell. It’s also not a good idea to combine caffeine with first date nerves. Frankly, that’s the last thing you want when you’re on a date.


Like coffee, going for drinks is a great way to scope someone out without the intimacy of a meal. This will provide you with more than enough time to make an initial impression and get one in turn. It can also be a lot of fun. However, it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re going out with a total stranger. So as a rule of thumb, drink moderately because it’s always important to have your wits about you in this kind of scenario.


There’s a reason why most first dates involve dinner. That’s because not only is it the most logistically sound option there is, it’s also quite intimate – making it the perfect avenue to get to know someone special. Dinner is especially awesome if it’s with someone you’re already acquainted with to a certain level.

Basically, a dinner date shows a lot more promise and a great deal more commitment, which are very important if taking the relationship to the next level is in your agenda. So not only will you enjoy a lovely evening out in the town, you can also look forward to more fulfilling results.


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