Fashion changes continuously and it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. You may not necessarily follow all the trends at the ramp however; you could always incorporate some broad fashion tip into your wardrobe and look chic without spending a fortune. Here are some of the leading fashion trends for men and women in 2014.

Trends For Men

  1. Bomber Jackets: These ultra-cool jackets are on top of the list for every man’s wardrobe. Sling a denim bomber jacket over a solid coloured t-shirt and you are ready to rock the spring season. You could use deep hued leather jackets to turn the heat on this winter.
  2. Camouflage: Camouflage prints are back on the ramp. It’s time to incorporate a hip camouflage jacket or camouflage pants in your wardrobe. Team up a camouflage jacket with a trendy pair of denims and you are ready to set the stage on fire.
  3. Turtle necks: Turtle necks are ideal to keep you warm in cold weather. Dunk those t-shirts away in the closet and pick up some classy turtle necks in shades of navy blue, orange, cherry red, mint and emerald green. Bright colours are in this season, so keep your wardrobe perky and bright. You could also add some turtle necks in basic shades like black, white and beige.

Tweed suits, navy blue coloured clothes, bright colours and camouflage outfits got to be on your must-have outfits list for 2014.

Trends For Women

  1. Minimalistic look: 2014 will be ruled by minimalistic look. Clean cuts and solid colours could be the highlights of your wardrobe. Go in for a no-accessory look and team it up with an asymmetrical dress in solid/basic colours. Minimalistic make-up is also a hot trend for the year. Focus on wine Ombre lips or Smokey eyes look for the season.
  2. Layering: Add spunk to your daily wear by layering it with bright colours. Layering your clothes can help you to stay warm and yet look stylish. You could take off your jacket or scarf when you think the temperature is bearable. Layering will also help you in creating different looks by mixing and matching outfits.
  3. Retro Look: The sixties look is back with a bang. Its time for polka dots and summer dresses. Flowing silhouettes are going to be in vogue. Dresses with flowing silhouette with an aquatic theme (colours like blue, sky blue, marine green, aqua blue, emerald green)  are a must have  this year.

Mid-calf skirts, asymmetrical dresses, chunky jewellery and polka summer dresses are must have outfits for the year 2014. Dual toned hair colours will also make a comeback in 2014.  You could colour your hair in dark shade and have a lighter shade on the tips of your hair. Fair-skinned individuals could go for blonde or pink shades whereas dark skinned individuals should best stick to browns with deep reds for an exotic look.


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