Whether you’re just starting out in the world of fitness or you’ve been working out for years, the question of home gym versus gym membership is a constant. There are strong opinions on both sides, but ultimately it’s a question everybody has to answer for themselves. Here, we’ll help you decide which is best for you and your style of working out.

Will You Be Able to Motivate Yourself?

For many people, one of the best parts of a gym membership is the motivation which comes from being around other people working on their physiques. In addition, many fitness clubs have personal trainers who will keep you motivated through your entire workout. If motivation is an issue for you, you may get more out of a gym membership. There is another option here, however – you can hire a personal trainer to visit you at home. Be aware, if you choose this option, that a trainer’s fees can quickly add up to the cost of a gym membership and more.

How Often Do You Work Out?

This is also a question which can be answered both ways. Some would argue that for frequent gym-goers, a gym membership makes the most sense. If you’re totally committed to fitness and improving your physique, why not have the best equipment available?

Another way to think about this is in the context of time. Some people prefer not to spend so much time away from home, especially if they have children, work full time jobs, or have other pressing commitments. If this sounds more like you, then a home gym makes more sense. While you’ll be separated from the rest of the household, you’ll still be at home, which can make a big difference in relationships.

What Types of Exercises Do You Prefer?

If you prefer and feel that you get the most out of exercises that require large pieces of gym equipment, then a gym membership may make more sense for you. For a relatively small monthly fee, you’ll have access to all the machines you could possibly imagine – and a few you probably didn’t know existed!

If, on the other hand, you feel that you can obtain an optimal workout using small equipment, a home gym may be your best bet. There is a large percentage of fitness experts and personal trainers who believe that small equipment can replace nearly all those big gym machines, for a fraction of the cost. Remember, however, that if you go this route, you’ll have to educate yourself in order to obtain those gym-worthy results.

Do You Have Enough Space?

While it sounds like a rather obvious question, many people set out to create a home gym, then realize – after spending money on equipment – that they don’t really have a great place to set up. Figuring out if you truly have the space required is a key step in determining whether a home gym or gym membership is better for you.

You don’t need a big space for a home fitness setup. In fact, many people have found adequate space in a small apartment. The basics don’t take up very much space. However, if you want to include big exercise machines in your home gym, they need their own space. A room is ideal, but a corner of a garage or basement can work as well.


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