Whether you’re a veteran of the speed dating scene or you’re about to try it for the first time, there’s no question that stress is involved. After all, you’re trying to catch a guy’s attention – and keep it – in just four minutes!

In a bar or at a party, four minutes would barely cover the first introductions and a bit of flirting. Speed dating, however, calls for sharpened skills. Thankfully, the skills you need to sharpen aren’t hard ones – they’re skills you already possess! Read on for the best ways to prep for a night of speed-dating bliss.

Be Yourself

Yes, you’ve heard this a million times before. But speed dating is a high-pressure situation, and many of us simply aren’t sure how to be ourselves in such a short amount of time! Thankfully, the answer is simple – relax. Yes, it’s hard. When you put across the real you instead of a twitchy, fidgeting ball of nerves, however, you’ll be VERY happy you made the effort.

Discount Looks

Another thing you’ve heard so many times, it flies past you without a second thought. After all, speed dating doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to focus on anything but looks, right? That’s the challenge. If you were just looking for a hookup, looks would be one of your top concerns. You’re looking for a real match, however, so it’s time to grow up a bit and try to see beneath the surface. Don’t automatically shut down if the guy across from you isn’t Brad Pitt. Try to read his language, body movements and facial expressions to determine if there’s a diamond hiding in that rough.

Avoid Kardashian Makeup

While it may catch eyes at the club, heavy-duty contouring won’t do you a lot of favours in a (slightly more) real world setting. You run the risk of coming across as fake, plus, guys will wonder what’s so horrible that you have to cover it so heavily! You’re gorgeous, so let that natural beauty shine through.

Balance the Conversation

Another point that’s extremely tough with just four minutes. Ask questions you’re genuinely interested in, and listen to the answers. To avoid coming across as a yes-girl, however, offer up some interesting stuff about your life, as well. If you need to, practice with a close friend (better if it’s a guy friend) or even in the mirror. You’ll feel silly, but those words will come out sounding much more confident during crunch-time. Ultimately, you want a nice balance of questions and answers on both sides of the table.

Dress for the Occasion

Speed dating takes place at all types of bars, clubs and restaurants these days, all with their own official or unofficial dress codes. Dressing accordingly should be common-sense, but far too many women make the mistake of dressing in extremely revealing clothing. We understand that it’s an attempt to stand out, but keep in mind that you’ll be standing out for all the wrong reasons. Hookups are one thing. For a deeper connection, however, it’s best to come across as the classy lady that you are.

Your Bottom Line

All the old advice really is the best advice. If you can relax enough to come across as your confident, interesting, amazing self, you’ll attract the type of guys you want to meet.


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