You might not know it, but how you see the world and perceive the people, things, and situations around you contribute a lot to whether you will succeed or fail in realizing your goals. This is because throughout your life, your brain is hardwired to respond to specific stimuli a certain way – all based on the beliefs and prejudices that you acquire throughout your lifetime.

More often than not, this is rife with a good measure of negativity, which could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. It is, therefore, a good idea to reboot and change how you perceive the world by reframing your thought processes.

In a nutshell, reframing is a tool that allows you to consciously change the boundaries – or frames – that limit you, in order to support your desired behaviors and outcome. Basically, it works by interrupting unhelpful thought patterns with fresh new perspectives that are more in tune with your goals. It all boils down to mindsets, and here are the five great yet simple mindsets that will help you reframe:

 1. See positives.

You have to stop thinking that people are out to get you, that they are inherently evil, and that they only want to get something out of you. They are not. Instead, see the positive in people. Generally, there is always a positive intention behind every behavior, so think about this before assuming the worst out of everyone.

 2. Think challenges, instead of problems.

When you look at everything that does not go your way as a “problem”, you are invariably giving it more gravitas. This is a very inefficient and counterproductive way of looking at any given situation. Instead, look at these setbacks as “challenges,” or better yet, “opportunities.” This way, you can fill your life with challenges and opportunities, which will make you more motivated and a lot more focused.

3. Nothing is impossible.

It is easy enough to get overwhelmed when confronted with a seemingly gargantuan task – so much so that the usual knee-jerk reaction is to think that something is impossible, or unachievable. Again, this does not help matters at all. So rather than thinking and invariably believing that something can’t be done, ask yourself the question, “How can I most easily do this?” By looking at the situation from this perspective, you are gearing yourself up to finding solutions, giving yourself a laser-sharp focus that will inevitable get things done.

 4. Learning opportunities > Failure.

As clichéd as it may sound, to the well-adjusted mind, there is no such thing as failure. This is because no matter how badly you crash and burn, you will always be left with nuggets of wisdom that will serve you in the future. So instead of losing heart if something does not turn out as well as expected, look for the lessons. This will keep you motivated, more productive, and always moving forward.

 5. Face your fears.

There is nothing more exhilarating than facing your fears head on, and winning. It is a major boost of confidence when you find yourself doing something that you were afraid to do in the first place. Truth be told, nothing feels as good as ‘badass’ feels. So always take whatever opportunity you can to face your fears. You will eat discomfort for breakfast.


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