Thousands of thoughts flow in and out of our minds everyday. Few are positive while the rest are negative which leave an everlasting impact on the mind and creates chaos. Have you worked a lot to cure the mental laziness but never got an effective outcome? Have you read a lot about the pros and cons but were never able to follow a single one? Has it become a real stress for you to fight this menace of mental laziness? After reading this article you will be able to get the points which are so easy to use and will leave you enthralled with the most effective positive outcomes.

1. When Negativity Surrounds You, Learn how to Overcome it:

You will be surprised to know that a human brain processes about 70% of negative thoughts in a day. It is therefore crucial that you monitor your thoughts and weed out those negative ones as quickly as possible. The most important key solution is to keep a close eye on the thoughts, which flows in and out of your mind, it’s suggested to be an observer and let the thought flow in and judge its effect. The very moment you give attention to your thought, it just fades away.

2.  Do One Task at a Time:

Multitasking amplifies your mind, which takes away your enjoyment, attention, meaning and quality outputs. It is highly recommended to do one task at a specified time and pay all your attention, intention and effort to it.

3.  Meditation – the Medicine of all Pains:

Meditation is not being a monk sitting for hours in a state of rest, but it’s much simpler than that. Meditation helps a lot in having control over your thoughts and also helps in calming your mind. Just start from sitting still for a few minutes and inhaling and exhaling deep breaths while keeping your attention focused on your breathing. Start from a few minutes and extend it as it goes further to a daily routine. This helps in clearing the clutter of your thoughts thereby allowing you to start afresh.

4.  Ask Your Mind – Why, When, Who?

Another important tip to overcome mental laziness is to reason with your mind. If you are entangled in a thought which has become a persistent stress to your nervous system then ask some questions to it. Why is it hurting you? When does it come to your mind, any specific reason? Who is the cause of this menace? Once you ask these questions, try to answer them within your mind and see how the stress just fades away in no time. Logical reasoning can help you to awaken your mind from a self-imposed slumber.

5.  Make a Goal, Achieve It:

A boat with no sailor never gets to its destination. You should be crystal clear about your thoughts and actions that you want to achieve in your life. Exploring the new possibilities with almost considering every bit of your thought will lead to a more effective and advanced life. Having a preset goal will motivate you to work towards it thereby helping you to overcome your mental laziness.


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