Meditation is one of the most popular methods of regaining inner peace of mind. Meditation has been an essential part of many cultures and it has been practiced for centuries.  Meditation does not require you to part away from your worldly living. It in fact requires you to have “the fly on the wall” approach.

You can meditate by focusing your energy on any object or you can alternatively listen to soothing music and just observe the things that are running in your head. You can also meditate by using yogic postures or chants depending on your preference.

If you think that meditation is rocket science then it is definitely not so. Here are five easy steps to meditate.

How to Meditate In 5 Easy Steps:

  • Create a comfortable environment: In the first step you need to find a quiet place where meditation can be performed. It is important to set an environment that offers relaxation and calmness. Peace of mind is very important because if you get distracted you will not reap the benefits of meditation. Try to find a quiet corner probably your bedroom or living area where you can spend about 30-45 minutes without being disturbed.
  • Be at ease: Contrary to many popular beliefs, meditation does not restrict you to any pose. The crux of meditation lies in being at ease with yourself. If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor you can simply opt to sit on a chair or bed. Just remember to sit in a comfortable position. Wear comfortable and breathable clothes in case you want to meditate through postures.
  • Start your transition: This is the initial stage of transition wherein you just close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. In this stage you make a conscious effort to drown away noises or activities that are happening around you.
  • Shift into an observatory phase: This is the second stage of meditation. Once you are at ease, you drift your mind into a state of conscious awareness. In this state you disengage from your thoughts and you simply observe them. For instance when you are meditating a thought about an upcoming meeting flits through your mind. You just observe it. The moment you start thinking about what will be the outcome of meeting or how will you present yourself during the meeting then you are actually engaging with the thought. This will divert your mind from meditation. The moment you realize you are engaging into a thought you must make a conscious effort to disengage yourself. You can do so by counting 1 to 10 in a slow pace. If you find it difficult to observe your thoughts, you can simply start focusing on your breathing pattern instead.
  • Shift back to conscious state: This is the final stage of meditation wherein you wrap up your session. In this phase you slowly need to bring your mind to the present. You can do so by recognizing sounds and activities happening in the background. Start counting backwards from 10 to 1 slowly. Open your eyes after you complete the count.


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