When you cross the threshold of your teenage years, you will slowly find yourself becoming more and more attracted to those of the opposite sex. The key is to know whether the interest is being reciprocated, being the toughest job of all.

Most relationships start as a mere friendship, which may gradually grow and blossom into love. But not everyone can confess their love instantly to their partner; therefore it has to be understood by the other person.

  • A sign that the other person is interested in you is displays of attention through gifts. These gifts do not have to be for a special occasion, but just to acknowledge that they appreciate you. They may take you out to a nice restaurant, which may not be something that they would do normally.
  • The person showing interest will call you frequently without the need for a reason, just for the sake of hearing your voice.
  • He or she will always try to please you by complimenting you, at every available occasion.
  • This person will remember the fine details of your life. Such as your birthday and other minute facts if they are truly interested in you.
  • You may receive text messages from your love interest even at the odd hour of the night. Whether it is to share a joke with you or an interesting thought. This indicates the intensity of love that that person has for you and how much they think of you all the time.
  • The person interested in you will want you to meet you as frequently as possible. Even if it is to just to go for a walk with you.
  • If this person is far away from you, he or she will try to contact you through other means. Whether it is to video chat or talk to you over the phone. This indicates although you are far apart, they will still try to maintain contact to develop the relationship.
  • Sometimes he or she will even give up their favorite passion just to be with you. If both of you share similar passions, the sparks will fly more easily.
  • This person will be found even neglecting his work and endangering his career, just for your sake; if he or she is madly in love with you.
  • When a person is deeply in love, they will see your true personality and virtues, which other people may often fail to notice.
  • They will miss you terribly when both of you are not together; which will be reflected by the frequency of contact that that person makes with you.

There are many signs that prove that a person is interested in you. In everything that they do, you are in their thoughts, whether it’s through actions or words. After you know where you both stand, the fun and existing journey lies ahead!


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