You know a truly confident person when you see one. They walk into every room as if they own it. Heads turn to look at them, even as they appear to be completely unconcerned. Their atmosphere is often described as charismatic, mesmerizing or compelling. They’re the “It Girls” or described as having “Star Quality.”

While it may seem like you have to be born with this incredible type of self confidence, nothing could be further from the truth! Read on for key points on how to build confidence.

Eliminate Negatives From Your Life

A huge part of learning how to build confidence involves removing negative thoughts and people from your life. Since most of us have been “trained” since childhood to automatically assume the worst about ourselves and every situation, this can involve a lot of hard work. However, the payoff is well worth the effort. Once you stop thinking in a negative manner, your self-confidence will soar.

Removing negative people from your life is a bit different. We all have at least a few people in our lives who are always focusing on the negative. Even positive things can feel negative once they’re seen through the eyes of these negative people. Unfortunately, this type of negative thinking bleeds into every encounter. Ultimately, you need to remove these people from your life. This can be done in two ways.

Some people are truly unaware that they are being negative. In some cases, a simple, sensitive conversation can be all that’s needed to set them on a more positive path.

If a conversation (or series of conversations) doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to dramatically reduce how much time you spend with these people. They are toxic, and will only bring you down.

Prepare for Every Encounter

Whether you’re nervous about a presentation at work or a first date, try to walk yourself through every instance. While it’s not possible to anticipate every single potential outcome, if you’re knowledgeable about your business (or dating!) you can give yourself a solid list of possibilities.

Once you’ve compiled this list, run through each one and prepare for it. If you run into any issues, fix them before the “big day” arrives. This will automatically make you feel more confident, and that self confidence will shine through.

Tweak Your Appearance

In order to project a strong self of self confidence, it’s necessary to look good. However, this doesn’t have to mean being traditionally physically attractive. In fact, there are loads of extremely confident people who do not conform to traditional beauty standards! A big part of learning how to build confidence is accepting yourself as you are. Once you’ve done that, you can take a realistic look on what you can change and what you can’t. Without serious plastic surgery, the majority of us will never look like supermodels. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter! All it takes to project confidence is a simply mastery of basic grooming and fashion skills.

Learn how a person with high self confidence walks, talks and moves. Body language is key. Grooming is simple – choose a look that’s timeless. This way, you won’t have to worry about following every trend and fad (this actually makes you appear less confident). Finally, select a wardrobe of clothes which make you feel good. Again, try to stick with timeless classics that you won’t need to replace every season. In order to stay on-trend, purchase trendy accessories instead of basics. Your self confidence appearance is 100% you – it’s just the improved you.


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